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Friday, 14 November 2014

"Valley Of Eric Lau's Sound" mixed by Psykhomantus

"Valley Of Eric Lau's Sound" mixed by Psykhomantus

It's been a while since I've made a mix for mixcloud, that being said with all the VisionBombing projects, Sneaker Festivals, resurfacing my Drunken Juggles projects, and doing gigs in between where do I find the time. Well! I wasn't really in a making a mixtape mood until I came across this Asian brother at the October VisionBombing Live gig at London's venue Silver Bullet.
Mr. Dex introduced me to the Asian man himself, it was Eric Lau. Me being me I didn't put the two together as I just looked at him as if he was just a normal dude who just came to vibe out at our gig that knew Dex. So I asked him what does he do, not realising that I've got half of this mans work on my computer and a few vinyls at home with his name on it. What's even worse, it clicked in my mind 3 days later on who he was (A Wah' Mi Dah Pon). Anyway, I started to dig out some of his stuff to clear my vision as I remembered asking him that night what stuff have you done. He did say that he's made some music for Hawk House, again silly me didn't acknowledge my two favourite joints from that group were produce by him (Shoot me now). After that, I was like, fuck it. I'm going to put a tribute mix together of Eric Lau. 
Why? Why the fuck not. Plus I feel that I owe it to the man. So if you've enjoyed my mixes of "The Cookie Soul Remixes", "Electric Relaxation Vol 1"
or "The Adventures Of DJ Jazzy Jeff" then you'll enjoy this.

"Valley Of Eric Lau's Sound" mixed by Psykhomantus is a tribute mix of Eric Lau's productions Which features Guilty Simpson, Gwen Bunn, Fatima, Hawk House, Kaidi Tatham, Olivier Daysoul, Rahel and Tawiah.


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