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Sunday, 9 November 2014

On Tha Q&A Tip With Awon

Psykhomantus: So my first question is, where are you from?

Awon: I'm from Newport News, Virginia via Brooklyn, NewYork

P: Where did you both meet and when did you both start working together?

A: I met Dephlow at a Nas event held at Hampton University during the first Obama Campaign. He gave me a cd, I listened and knew I would work with him at some capacity. Soon after he shot and directed my first video, Bell Rock with Bats & Hammers out of the Rotterdam for after that we remained in close contact doing videos and working on music sporadically. Then came Golden Era, the collaborations on that album had so much chemistry I thought it would be a good idea to make an LP come into Fruition.

P: How long did it take to make the album "Dephacation"

A: It took about 6 months because I was recording another LP at the time, but I think it went smoothly!

P: I see that Phoniks produced the whole album except the for the track "Lights Off". Who is Phoniks, and what can you tell us about him?

A: Phoniks is a machine from Portland, Maine. I have never met anyone with his work ethic or drive. He is the glue that keeps this whole vibe together. Someone to watch over the next decade. His contributions to Hip hop will be monumental.

P: You also release a special limited edition vinyl version of the album. Are you both heavy vinyl collectors?

A: I do collect vinyl, mainly soul and jazz, but having my own releases on wax has got me into underground Hip Hop on wax now.

P: To me, DJ's nowadays seem to be happy to talk about finding samples that Dilla used or just talk about rap music in the past. Do you think DJs support new rap artists, and if you do, can you name those DJs?

A: The term DJ is a term used too loosely in Hip Hop today. When I think of a DJ I think of a turntablalist, not a digital DJ. DJs who do support new "Hip Hop" artist are not in positions of power so to say they don't would be a lie, but those in the spotlight haven't shown me that they have enough power to dictate what they play anymore.

P: Name 5 Emcee's that you rate and why?

A: I don't rate anyone because everyone does something different and unique these days. Who I'm feeling? Kendrick Lamar- creativity Bishop Nehuru- youthful optimism, Action Bronson- elder jester,Hex One- raw lyricism, and my homie Anti Lilly- laid back honesty All of these cats offer something different to the listener and I appreciate their efforts for that.

P: And what do you class as the golden era for Rap Music, Late 80's or early 90's?

A: I can say 87-88 was the first Golden Era for laying a fresh foundation and 93-95 was the second for innovation. I can't stick to one because without the first the second would have been different or never happened. If you site the influences of 90s emcees it's all the emcees and albums from the first Golden Era that inspired them. In fact I believe in 2012-2013 we saw a paradigm shift toward a new era in Hip Hop. There were some solid releases across the spectrum.

P: If you did a world tour, which other two artist would you bring with you?

A: Tiff the Gift & Phoniks

P: Is there a performance that you've done and said to yourself that you could of done that better?

A: All of them all the time! Lol, I'm a perfectionist at heart.

P: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

A: A lot more dope music beginning with The Return to The Golden Era Remixes on 7.30.14 the Instrumentals of the original along with it. Matte Black this Fall and an new Awon & Phoniks album next year. Hopefully a tour of Europe soon! Thanks for hitting us up to chop it up. It's surely a pleasure.

This is the official video for the title track 'Dephacation' featuring Awon & Dephlow produced by Phoniks from the instant classic album 'Dephacation' available on Bandcamp. Dephacation music video is featured in VisionBombing season 2, episode 3.

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