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Wednesday, 27 April 2016


VISIONBOMBING SEASON 4: EPISODE 31 from VisionBombing on Vimeo.

Visionbombing webseries is back with season four hosted by Juga-Naut and mixed by Deejay Irie and Psykhomantus. This episode features Andy Cooper, Brenton, Black/Other, DJ Supreme feat Son of Noise, D-Stroy & Q-UNIQUE. Homeboy Sandman, Mista Sinista, Mr. Memoir & Disco, NxWorries, Prowess The Testament, Phife Dawg, Rodd. D, Royce 5'9", Smoke Dza, Tha Alkaholiks  

VisionBombing Season 4 | Episode 31
1. Theme
2. Intro: Juga-Naut*
3. R.I.P. feat Son Of Noise- DJ Supreme (from Hijack)
4. Alpha Centauri- Prowess The Testament
5. Born In '87- D Stroy/Q Unique
6. Rubber Bands- Tha Alkaholiks
7. Skit- D-Sew & Herbal T*
8. Ignore The Man To Your Right feat Homeboy Sandman- L0range & Jeremiah Jae
9. Heard Dat- Smoke DZA
10. Rendezvous- Mr Memoir & Drico
11. Nutshell- Phife Dawg
12. Skit: Juga-Naut*
13. Which Is Cool- Royce 5'9"
14. Life Support- Homeboy Sandman
 15. Windmills- Black/Other
 16. Link Up- NxWorries (Anderson .Peak & Knxwledge)
17. Skit: Kingpin*
18. Deep Cover (Freestyle)- Brenton
19. Last Night- First Scene Rodd.D
 20. Room To Breath- Andy Cooper
 21. Mammoet Raps- Drico & DjSadhu
22. Outro- Juga-Naut*
 23. Fin: Turntable Opera- Mista Sinista
Hosted by Juga-Naut
Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Deejay Irie
*Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
Edited, graded and mastered by Gjiggy
Image designed by 4649 Worldwide
VisionBombing 2016

Twitter: @VisionBombing
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Instagram: @VisionBombing 

The VisionBombing Radio Show 21/04/16

This weeks VisionBombing Radio features new music from DJ Supreme feat Son Of Noise, Mista Sinista, MC Shan vs KRS One, Prowess The Testament, Positive K, Prince (R.I.P) Tribute, Si-Phili, Tha Alkaholiks, and much more.
Every Thursday from 22:00 to midnight (GMT) on
Twitter: @VisionBombing
FaceBook: VisionBombing
Instagram: @VisionBombing

The VisionBombing Radio Show 7/04/2015

1nce Again we dedicate this show to Phife Dawg (1970-2016) from A Tribe Called Quest as we listen to "A Celebration Of Phife" which was held at Harlem's historic, Apollo Theatre on 5th April. This send off features close friends and family's to Hip Hop icons from the likes of Andre 3000, Chuck D, Busta Rhymes, Grandmaster Flash, Kanye West, KRS One, Michael Rapaport, Pete Rock, The Roots and many more. Also hear Phife Dawg's new single "Nutshell" from his up and coming EP "Give Thanks".
Every Thursday from 22:00 to midnight (GMT) on
Twitter: @VisionBombing
FaceBook: VisionBombing
Instagram: @VisionBombing


Second opening theme for VisionBombing's web series on
See all episodes on

VisionBombing is a independent online music video show which aims to bring quality rap from the underground to the forefront. The show is a one-hour monthly web series on Breakin' Convention's BCTV (on YouTube) and Vimeo. The music videos are mixed lively in a mixtape style by UK DMC Champion DJ Psykhomantus (UK) and DMC World Champion Visual DJ 2015 Deejay Irie (Netherlands). The show is hosted by beatboxer/rapper Madflow (UK) and Juga-Naut (UK) The show also features special guest from the likes of De La Soul's Maseo (US), Soweto Kinch (UK), Masta Ace (US), Jonzi D (UK), Marco Polo (Canada) and numerous other Hip Hop artists.

"VisionBombing Exclusive" is a bonus episode which features interviews with rap artists, live performance and some exclusive videos that didn't make it on the full episode. One of the most popular artists to be featured on VisionBombing Exclusive is Dead Prez (US).

The event "VisionBombing Live" is hosted by MadFlow & Juga-Naut and the music videos are mixed live by DJ Psykhomantus & Deejay Irie. Each event features a special live performance from the likes of Junia-T (Cananda), K.E.V of Nudakes (U.S.), K9 (UK), DJ Miss C Brown (UK), Otha Soul (UK) Gee Bag (UK), FRSHERZ (UK) and many more. Aside from guest performances, VisionBombing always prided itself on being involved in the music it promoted on a higher level. Associated projects with which the night has been involve include Effiscienz Records "Street English" album launch party for Union Blak (UK/US), Yo! MTV Raps AV tribute set called Yo! MTV Raps Remembrance", Monad Records "Universal Language" album launch party by AKD & Deepstar (UK/Australia), and Def Jam Records 30th anniversary AV tribute set called "60 Minutes Of Def Jam Classic's". VisionBombing Live club nights is sponsored by  4649 Worldwide, MOJA Store and Breakin' Convention.

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Friday, 1 April 2016

The VisionBombing Radio Show 31/03/16

This weeks VisionBombing Radio features new music from Tha Alkaholiks, Black/Other, Homeboy Sandman, King Callis, Royce 5'9", Siddeeq Matthew, Sonny Seeza, The Mouse Outfit, and much more.
Every Thursday from 22:00 to midnight (GMT) on
Twitter: @VisionBombing
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