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Saturday, 17 December 2011

2011 Rap Up...

2011 Rap Up...

To my crew A Few Good Men (Roc 1, E Double D & Rhize), thanks for putting me down, EMD, Big P, my homie Looby, SureShot (a strong supporter), my cuz Cas-Pit, Deano Presto (Hott Off The Press Radio Show), Miss C Brown (Partner in crime), Juice Aleem (We did the first mix's now let's do the shows), Soweto Kinch (Thanks for putting me down for the Flyover Show), Jonzi D & Jade (Thanks for adding the theatre touch to my CV), Maxwell, Lyric L (Taste of chocolate), Marv-Ill, K.E.V, Tony & Gavin of CDR Brunt Progress (It was fun time with you guys), CDR Derby, CDR Nottingham, my Tamashii family (Jimi Oh, Gentle D, Tony Minvielle, Cardiac), Rich BLK, Son Of Dan (I still got that mixtape to do for you), Kenny Dust (U ready to deliver i-man's bread) & Alix (Too Black, Too Strong), DJ Illout aka Buggin Out, Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners (Thanks for putting my Rap Original Samples on your Dope On Plastic show), Thatkidnamedcee and the Skratchlife crew, DJ Q-Bert and Trud Rumble, Grandmaster Flash, T3, Iller J, Young RJ, Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew, Shabba Doo, Public Enemy, Christie Z-Padon (DMC US/Tools Of War), Sally (DMC UK), Tha En4ourcers (DJ Pogo, Biz-Ness & Swift), Tilt Limings, Mellow Baku, Mega Stress (Big up homie), Malik & Cypher Jewels (MD7), Mad Flow, Mr Thing, DJ Cro, Mushroom, DJ Winchester, DJ Bounce, DJ Zulu, P Brothers, Jazzre:Freshed, MCM, Sic-Nis, Justice, Ms Storm E Knights, Down By Law, Flava Squad, Leicester's Race Course, Punch Records, Turkey Cafe (I miss that place), Natterjacks (Thanks), Hub Bar (my 20 Years & Still Grinding anniversary was a blast), Hare & Hounds, Juno Bar, Nine Bar, Sumo Bar (Thanks but no thanks), Bowstrings, Double "Doz" D, Black Magic, Steady, J-Wiz, Eddie O'Neil, Steve Hoo & Dave, Stephanie Walker (KMT), Mykal Morgan, Sonia & Sabrina, Chantel and family, Rax, Mikey Dread (Top Shotta) & Family, Tin Man (The Gal Dem Sugar) and the B Better crew, DJ Yess & D Crime, Steven Pannack, Anita Dingham, Natalie James, Lisa Anderson, Girls Can't DJ, DJ Jaz, Busa, Aiden & Tom (J Dilla number 1 fan), Ian Sergeant. Roke, Catalina and her son (One day it will all make sense). I wanna say thank you as you all was part of my adventures and making life a little more easy for 2011. Happy Holidays and i'll see you all in 2012.

Top 5 Rap Albums of 2011

1. Random Axe "Random Axe
2. J Rocc "Some Cold Roc Stuff'
3. The Game 'The Red Album"
4. Pharoahe Monch "We Are Renegades"
5. Elzah "Elmatic"

Top 5 Future Soul Albums of 2011

1. Dego "A Wah Him Dah Pon"
2. Jazzre:Freshed "Kaidi's 5ive"
3. Mark de Clive-Lowe "Renegade'
4. Lyric L "Amazed"
5. Daz-I-Kue "Supahero"

Top 5 Mixtapes of 2011

1. M-Rock "The Best Of A Tribe Called Quest"
2. DJ Brainchild "It's All Over The Place/Dego 2000 Black"
3. Mick Boogie & DJ Jazzy Jeff "Summertime 2"
4. DJ Spinna "The Best Of MdCL"
5. DJ Rob Swift "Back To Bay"

Top 5 Psykhomantus Mixtapes of 2011

1. Juice Aleem "Wicked Scientist"
Download Link:
2. "The Untitled Fan-Tas-Tic Slum Village Mixtape Vol 1 & 2
Download Link Vol 1:
Download Link Vol 2: 
3. "The Rob Swift Mixtape, The Architect's Work"
Download Link:
4. "J-Roc For (Funky) President Edition
Download Link:
5. "The Roy Ayers (Mixtape) Project Edition
Download Link:

Bonus Post:

Free Download: Tablist With Soul Vol 3

1. Dis Yah One- Shokazulu
2. Dancing- Omar & Zed Bias
3. Under Orders- Mark de Clive-Lowe
4. Something- Andrea Clarke & Daz-I-Kue
5. Sweet U- Lyric L
6. Bloodfire- Daz-I-Kue
7. We Are Virgo- Dego & Kaidi Tatham
8. Push- Mark de Clive-Lowe, Bambe Segue & Nia Andrews
9. Misgiving- Mika Arisaka & Bembe Segue
10. Grass Is Greener (Matthew Bandy's Good Green Mix)- Donn T
11. Hubble- Actual Proof
12. To My Surprise- Jazzre:Freshed

Download Likn:

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Download: Juice Aleem "Wicked Scientist"

Soak up these Black Magic treats from the hidden vaults of the Wicked Scientist and prepare for moor incoming Shadowless Magnetic Voodoo

Shadowless Presents: Juice Aleem "Wicked Scientist" Mix CD. Mixed by Psykhomantus of A Few Good Men

1: Shadowless Ride Again (Prod Blackitude)

2: Neva Wan Dem (Prod Khan of Thaitainium Feat: Akil The MC & Hydro Phonics)

3: Wicked Scientist (prod Sir Tomz)

4: Electronic Music (prod Percy Filth Feat. Mad Flow) From the album Elbow Grease

5: No Birth Record (prod and Feat. Cipher Jewels)

6: Build it up (prod Part2ism)

7: (Back to) Dust (prod by Gabriel for CeaseFire Studios)

8: Higher Higher (Offshore RMX)

9: Style is free (prod Blackitude)

10: You shut the F*** up (Supreme Beard RMX by Elai Immortal & GreyBeard)

11: Kick Ass (Movie Theme) (prod The Qemists)

12: Change (prod by and Feat Sir Tomz for Jailhouse) From the album Lockdown

13: Give up the Fight (Sacrifice) (prod Part2ism) From the album Universally Dirty by New Flesh

14: Baby Fardah Dem (Prod & Feat Blackitude)

15: WonderWoman RMX (by Justice Hotep Feat Juice Aleem & Psykhomantus)

16: Don't fear the snakebite (Prod & Feat Elai Immortal)

17: Bombs Anthem, Kraddy RMX (Feat Creature, Seraphim, Mike Ladd)

18: Spot Dem (Prod Gabriel for CeaseFire Studios, Feat Blackitude)

19: Howz That! (Prod Part2ism) from the album Universally Dirty

Shadowless Presents: Juice Aleem "Wicked Scientist" Mix CD. Mixed by Psykhomantus of A Few Good Men

Mastered by Rob Blakeny
Executive Produced by Elai 'Wasif Sayyed' Immortal & Juice Aleem

Download Link:

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rap's Original Samples Vol 3

Welcome to December. This months R.O.S Vol. 3 brings you up to date tracks by staying away from the 90's same ol same ol songs. Keeping it fresh by hearing where the new songs get their samples from for their new joints. Check how DJ Premier flips Miles Davis "Water Babies"  for "The Gang Starr Bus" (a great tribute for Guru), or see how Skyzoo just rhymes over David Auxlrod's "Holy Thursday" no loops, not even chopped, just straight spitting over the original. So sit back and enjoy as class is in session. 

Sabia- Chico Buarque & Tom Jobim
The Way That I Rhyme- Jive
Let's Make It Last- Parliament
Ghetto Dreams feat Nas- Common
Rock Steady- Aretha Franklin
Lock feat Locksmith- Ski Beatz
Love Theme- Van McCoy
Born In The Trap- The Game
Cha Cha Cha- Fania All Stars
Just Like That- KRS One
Water Babies- Miles Davis
The Gang Starr Bus- Freddie Foxxx
Resolution- Mahavishnu Orchestra
The Hex- Random Axe
You Send Me- Mavis Staples
You- Evidence
Thank You Baby- Betty Wright
Thank You- Torea
Holy Thursday- David Axelrod
The Definitive Prayer- Skyzoo