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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rap's Original Samples Vol 3

Welcome to December. This months R.O.S Vol. 3 brings you up to date tracks by staying away from the 90's same ol same ol songs. Keeping it fresh by hearing where the new songs get their samples from for their new joints. Check how DJ Premier flips Miles Davis "Water Babies"  for "The Gang Starr Bus" (a great tribute for Guru), or see how Skyzoo just rhymes over David Auxlrod's "Holy Thursday" no loops, not even chopped, just straight spitting over the original. So sit back and enjoy as class is in session. 

Sabia- Chico Buarque & Tom Jobim
The Way That I Rhyme- Jive
Let's Make It Last- Parliament
Ghetto Dreams feat Nas- Common
Rock Steady- Aretha Franklin
Lock feat Locksmith- Ski Beatz
Love Theme- Van McCoy
Born In The Trap- The Game
Cha Cha Cha- Fania All Stars
Just Like That- KRS One
Water Babies- Miles Davis
The Gang Starr Bus- Freddie Foxxx
Resolution- Mahavishnu Orchestra
The Hex- Random Axe
You Send Me- Mavis Staples
You- Evidence
Thank You Baby- Betty Wright
Thank You- Torea
Holy Thursday- David Axelrod
The Definitive Prayer- Skyzoo

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