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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Free Download: Marley Marl (House Of Hits Edition)

Time to hit you up with another mixtape for your iPod, iPhones, car stereo, whatever you use to hear them boom bap beats, I present to you a classic. While nursing my index finger (long story) and trying to upload my mixtape discography (which is taking forever long) I been meaning to do this mixtape for along time. After doing J Dilla, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier back in 2004/5 I wanted to focus more on producers than rappers when making mixtapes. After hearing Mista Sinista (of the X-Ecutioners) do the Large Professor I was bugged out. After DJ Premier’s Work Of Mart (Work_Of_Mart_Part_1.mp3) (Work_Of_Mart_Part_2.mp3) I was suppose to do the Rza followed by Marley Marl but it never happen due to a reality check in life (bills, moving flats). Even so I made notes on what should be on the mixtapes then put them to the side knowing I’ll get back to it later…. Years later. After a few Hip-Hop shows and spinnin classic rap tracks at Jonzi D’s The Surgery or warming up for Kurtis Blow and The Furious 5 or Soweto Kinch’s The Flyover show a few of Marley Marl’s gems where played and I kept sayin’ to myself I need to work on this. After Guru’s death and putting out Guru Forever (The Man & His Music) (Guru_Forever.mp3) on the tribute night at Turkey CafĂ© on April 29th my plan was to get on it with no delay. After a dog bit to the finger (Death to that damme dog) and putting me out of the DJ battles, all I could do is chill and rest. Anyway…I give you over 45 tracks produced by the Legend Marley Marl. The man that made me love James Brown so much, made me the cool kid at school with the stereo in class, why I love my east coast rap’s so much and still a fan of the Juice crew’s Roxanne Shante, Craig G, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and Masta Ace not forgetting my fav rap album Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J. Enjoy Marley Marl’s killer cuts and remember this is what rap use to sound like in the good old days when it was fun.


DJ Psykhomantus

Marley Marl (House Of Hits Edition) [2010]

Do U Remember/Level Check Intro

No Bullshit- Marley Marl

Warth Of Kane- Big Daddy Kane

Set It Off- Big Daddy Kane

Letter To The Better- Masta Ace

Go On Girl- Roxanne Shante

Live On Stage- Roxanne Shante

Black & Proud- Intelligent Hoodlum

At A Drop Of A Dime- MC Cash

I Be Gettin' Busy- LL Cool J

Juice Crew Law- MC Shan

Raw- Big Daddy Kane

Poison- Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

It's A Demo- Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

This Is Something For The Radio- Biz Markie

Have A Nice Day- Roxanne Shante

Droppin' Science (Intro)- Marley Marl

Droppin' Science- Craig G

Marley Marl Scratch- Marley Marl ft MC Shan

Nobody Beats The Biz- Biz Markie

The Symphony (Intro)- Marley Marl

The Symphony- Marley Marl ft Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane

The Symphony 2- Marley Marl ft Masta Ace, Craig G, Big Daddy kane, Little Daddy Shane & Kool & Rap

Music Man- Masta Ace

Road To Riches- Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

Make The Music With Your Mouth- Biz Markie

Ain't No Half Steppin'- Big Daddy Kane

Eric B is President- Eric B & Rakim

Vapers- Biz Markie

Me & The Biz- Masta Ace

NY NY- Marley Marl

Download: MARLEY_MARL__HOUSE_OF_HITS__1_OF_2.mp3

You Better Watch me- LL Cool J

Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J

Psycho- Lords Of The Underground

At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)- King Tee

To The Break Of Dawn- LL Cool J

Boomin' System- LL Cool J

How I'm Comin'- LL Cool J

Funky Child- Lords Of The Underground

Tic Toc- Lords Of The Underground

Hip-Hop History- Marley Marl

The Bridge- MC Shan

The Bridge 2001- Nas, Capone, Mobb Deep, Tragedy, Nature, MC Shan, Marley Marl, Cormega & Nas

Foundition Symphony- Marley Marl ft Larry 0, Seven Shawn, J. Wells, Miss Man

Next Up- UGK ft Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap

New York Shit (Marley Marl Remix)- Busta Rhymes ft KRS One

The Victory- KRS One & Marley Marl ft Blaq Poet & DJ Premier

We Gets It In- Craig G & Marley Marl ft Talib Kweil

Musika- KRS One & Marley Marl

LA LA- Capone & Noreaga

Spazz- Marley Marl ft Solo

Who's Slicker- Marley Mary ft The Hemmingways

Haters- Marley Marl ft LL Cool J

Three's Company- Marley Marl ft Big Daddy Kane

Just Funky- Marley Marl

On The Real- Nas

Hip-Hop Lives- KRS One & Marley Marl

-LL Cool J

Pyrex Vision- Raekwon

Nothin' New- KRS One & Marley Marl

Download: MARLEY_MARL__HOUSE_OF_HITS__2_OF_2.mp3

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Gig: Tamashi @ Hub

This Friday. Jimi O presents "Tamashi" (which translation in english means Soul) featuring myself DJ Psykhomantus, Tony Minville, Amit (Soulvision), Cardiac, Rare Colour and Jimi Oh.

All DJ's will be playing the best in underground Electronica, Experimental, Neo Soul, Hip-Hop, Boogie, Broken Beats, Funk, Nu-Jazz & Dub Step Music.

@ The Hub
Braunstone Gate

9 Till Late
Free Entry

If you like that type of music then check this download I did for burntprogress

Download: CDR_LND_3.mp3

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Roc Raida Turntable Watch

Coming soon Limited Edition Roc Raida Turntable Watch from my boys at Flud Watches.. procceeds will go to his family

D.I.T.C. "Diggin' In The Crates" Episode 42 with Dj Souliva

DJ Souliva returns with some more wax poetics. I love this dude, If your a true hardcore rap fan like myself and dig the samples that our favorite rap artist/group used for their classics that we still enjoy today, then you'll love what DJ Souliva doe's here. Check out the selections in Episode 42 and name that tune.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Kenny Dust

Later this month (June) you'll get to hear the voice from one of London's underground finest rappers, kenny Dust. Kenny Dust formally known as Phenom P from the group M.A.D Danger has been solo for some time now and has been cooking up beats in his lab while the world still spins round him. I met Kenny (back then know as Phenom P) back in 2003 while i was on tour with Kwesi Johnson's theatre tour "A Hiphopstory", we just clicked and been good friends since. This month you can get to hear some of his work right here as I'm in the process of putting his mixtape together "Dust Particles" which will feature work with his past group M.A.D Danger, Krome, KDF, Alpha Soul, Big Tone and some of his production skills. Here's a snip of one of his tracks "Battle" which will be featured on the mixtape.

For more info on Kenny Dust check out