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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Kenny Dust

Later this month (June) you'll get to hear the voice from one of London's underground finest rappers, kenny Dust. Kenny Dust formally known as Phenom P from the group M.A.D Danger has been solo for some time now and has been cooking up beats in his lab while the world still spins round him. I met Kenny (back then know as Phenom P) back in 2003 while i was on tour with Kwesi Johnson's theatre tour "A Hiphopstory", we just clicked and been good friends since. This month you can get to hear some of his work right here as I'm in the process of putting his mixtape together "Dust Particles" which will feature work with his past group M.A.D Danger, Krome, KDF, Alpha Soul, Big Tone and some of his production skills. Here's a snip of one of his tracks "Battle" which will be featured on the mixtape.

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