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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hip-hop manager Chris Lighty dead

Hip-hop mogul Chris Lighty died Thursday morning after apparently shooting himself in the head in his Bronx apartment, sources told the Daily News.
Lighty, 44 — a longtime manager of 50 Cent, Diddy, Ja Rule and Mariah Carey — was found dead inside his South Riverdale apartment about 11:30 a.m., police sources said.
It appeared he died from a bullet to his head, sources said. A gun was recovered next to his body.
Law enforcement sources said Lighty — who divorced his wife, Veronica, last year — may have been dealing with financial struggles, including owing about $5 million to the IRS.
Musicians began Tweeting about Lighty soon after news of his death spread.
“R.I.P. Chris Lighty,” posted Fat Joe on his Twitter account. “That man saved my life.”

Read more:

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Joyful Sounds Of Heidi Vogal

Psykhomantus presents The Joyful Sounds Of Heidi Vogel featuring productions by One 51, T.Roy, Zero DB, Monodeluxe, Ray Jones, Danism, Liquid People, Anto Vitale, Son Of Scientist, likwid Biskit and Ananda Project.

Bring Me To Your Life
Little Better
Green Concrete 
A Pomba Girou
Coisa De Gringo
High In The Sky 
High In The Sky (Remix) 
In The Dark 
Just Let It Happen 
Don't Go Away 
Taxi Nights (Remix) 
Jammin' (Live)* 
Inner War 
Free Me 

For info on Heidi Vogel check

Her album "Lagrimas De Um Passaro (Tears Of A Bird)" on
Fly Like A Bird Records is out now.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Yo! MTV Raps Remembrance II

I want to thank those that came down to A Few Good Men's Yo! MTV Raps Remembrance. It was crazy fun and glad to see people enjoy themselves. I've been on the go since Thursday night from DJing Spot Light to shocking out at Berkley's Lounge to rocking the decks with Kung Fu, Roc 1, E Dubz at H & H. Sorry London but I'm a chill this Bank Holiday and focus on my new mix tapes. Salute to Stephanie Walker (You know I got nothing but love for you trouble), Angela Harmony, Sic'Nis Numi, Vicky Conviver, Matthew MattBlack Burke, Caz J Morgan, Wesley Wezism Alcorn, MadFlow, Jon Morley, Jason Gutzmore, Faisal, Adante, Wasif Elai Immortal Sayyed, Samuel Francis, Mega Stress, Miss C Brown, Shaun Cope (Made it at the end), Divine Cipher, Tony from Hare and Hounds, Laura and all the rest of the people as their are way too many names to put down. Once again, Thank you.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Harangue The DJ

• The Track I'll Be Opening My Next DJ Set With: Eric B & Rakim Juice.
As it's the Yo! MTV Rap Remembrance it's only right to start it off with Eric B & Rakim as they where the first to have a video shown on Yo!

• The Track I Always Play To Rescue A Dance Floor: Wu-Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck. So as the beginning of this song comes on, people go nuts. I could just turn the volume down and the crowd will keep rapping the lyrics. That tune is a monster.

• The Track That Currently Gets Most Rewinds: A Tribe Called Quest Scenario feat Leaders Of The New School. Another monster classic and an Allstar posse cut. You can't let the record go when this is on, rewind is a most.

• The Track That's Been Unfairly Been Slept On This Year: Nas Nasty. Even so that Nas is blowing up right now, I think that Nasty should be bigger or just as big as The Don single. That's straight Hip Hop right there. It's needed.

• The Ideal Festival Track: Soho Hot. That's just good music right there. Killer tune that everybody has to dance to.

• The Best Track By My Favourite Artist: Clear Soul Forces Get No Better. My friend Mad Flow and introduce me to this group and it's like a recall of why I liked rap music. It's just fresh.

• The Track That Got Me Out Of Bed This Morning: Little Better featuring Heidi Vogel by T.Roy

• The Track That I'D Play At My Auntie's Wedding: Omar It's So. Ha! That's if I ever get ask to play but yeah! This is a floor filler, all age and a very joyful tune that my needles ever touched.

• The Track I'D Play At Sunset At Ibiza: Happy Soul (DJ Format Remix). Maybe I'll do my DMC routine as it's one of my favourite tracks to juggle and enjoyable to watch. Who said I was going to Ibiza by the way?

• The Track I Play To Show Off My Eclectic Taste: J Davie Everybody Touch It. This track took me to another would. It's just so amazing. I try and play it at every gig I do.

• The Track I Want Played At My Funeral: Robert Glasper Experiment Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat Ledis.  It's a nice tune to leave to.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Flyover Show & Word Power Sound shout out.

The weeks are getting better, even on the dull days. This was a weekend to remember as Soweto Kinch returned with the Flyover Show on Saturday at Birmingham's Hockley roundabout which featured an amazing line up on stage DJ Jamie Winchester, Funkateers, BRB, Flyover Kids, BRB Dance, IBeenice, Diego Flex, Queen Nefatiti, Smash/Deci4life, Basil Gabbidon, Toffe, Lady Lesurr, RTKAL, Julian Joseph, Janet Key, Jah Ridlz, MadFlow, Andrae Melody Palmer, Wordsworth, Maxi Priest and on Sunday The Drum Arts Centre & Sic'Note Promotions #WordSoundPower at Morgan Stanley Festive in Redditch This years theme was to support the Jamaica 50th independents. Salute to Skibu Foster, Claire Angel, Adamte Dubidat, Juice Aleem, Sic'Nis Numi, Virtuoso, Dreadlock Alien, Kesha, and Jon Morley

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Flyover Show with Soweto Kinch

The Flyover street team hit Birmingham city centre to spread the word about this years show. For more information:

Sunday, 12 August 2012

It’s A Brazilika Ting

It’s A Brazilika Ting

Once again another weekend with pleasure came upon us. The sun finally showed us love on Saturday as us Brits know the summer has been really terrible in the UK. As us JA’s are feeling the Jamaican Olympics vibe, I wa
nna give a shout out to Soweto Kinch who was handing out his flyers in the afternoon of this fine sunny day for the Flyover Show (Which is on 18th Aug, next week) and freestyling outside of Waterstones which I, myself couldn’t help but join in by busting some off the top off ya head lyrics. Bwoy, it was fun as I’ve not done something like that since the late 90’s but that’s Hip Hop for ya, it’s all about having fun. But it was all about the evening of that day as myself, Son-Of Dan andMark Magoo Robertson was about to get busy for this thing called “It’s A Brazilika Ting”. Beening that it’s it 3rd event, this is the first as a trio where Magoo was handling the percussion, Son Of Dan on the MPC sampler and myself on Turntable’s. Nothing but niceness coming out of the speakers. Broken Beats, Funk, Electrionica, Soul, Reggie, Hip Hop with a twist of that Latin/Brazilian flavour. We went in. Doormen, bar staff and a bunch of nice people came down and enjoyed the ride. Like Ice Cube said, today was a good day.

Salute to…
Michael Brome, Looby, Mad Flow, Damian (Of King Of The Beats), Carrol BA Hons Mapp, Shaun Cope, Nene Taps,Tarmac Nomad, Bulls Head Moseley, Jonathan Morley, and all those I seen on that day. One….

Till next time.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Well Done Jamaica Olympics

Well Done Jamaica Olympics 

Ice T on The Art Of Rap

Ice T speck on about The Art Of Rap and why new rappers weren't featured in the movie.

Boglewaltz x Do-Over 2012 Sneak Peak

Boglewaltz hooked up with LA's Do-Over for another block shaking street party in london (check older post) ... here's a little taster of what went down.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Jamaica In The Square

Jamaica In The Square took place at Victoria Square in Birmingham from Thursday to Monday and I was happy to take part of it by being on stage with my crew A Few Good Men. We had a few issues with the turntables but we still did our thing a
nd featured Mad Flow, Justice Inniss, Sic'Nis Numi and Juice Aleem. Salute to all other acts that took part of this event by Drum Arts Centre. Respect to Abigail Kelly, Jonkanoo Parade, Miss Culture Jam, Aston Performing Arts Academy, The Note Benders, Town Hall Gospel Choir, Robert Carvalho, Soundwave, Not Strictly Jazz Quartet, Dreadlock Alien, Milton Godfrey, Annette Fagon, Moqapi Selassie, Kesha C, Kokumo, Marcia Calame, Spicy Fingers, Deci4life, Mykal ‘Wassifa’ Brown, X-TA-C 4x4, Jam Jah, Lion Art, Natural Mystic, Luv Injection, Quaker City, Deon Mattis, Gail Boyd, Chicken George, Little Ritchie, Imru, Diego Flex, Mykal Moziah, Kevio, The Gabbidon Band, Black Symbol, Lady Leshurr, Claire Angel, Skibu, Tenna Starr, Yaz Alexander, Claire Angel, Skibu, Tenna Starr and Yaz Alexander, The Vanley Burke Project, Sharon Bhola-Harris, Miss Culture Jam, Da-Mighty Elementz, A Dat Mi She, Malik Moorish, Rtkal, Royalist, Meeks, Romo, Dr. Robert Beckford, G Man, Rebbecca Hemmings, Father Hovis, The Dark Rum Trio, Ping Wing, Jah Marnyah and Sir Freddie McGregor

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Audio: The Project by K.E.V

“The Project”, is one of K.E.V.’s musical journey’s into lyrical growth. Each song expresses a level of spirituality, love, hardcore lyricism, maturity, and political consciousness. This short but dope album carries a diverse sound to the definition of pure Hip Hop as K.E.V. vocalizes his experiences & ideas profoundly.


released 03 August 2012
Special Thanks to Will Bracy on Production. Do Dat, Ryan Nicole, Siaira Shawn, Krystle Azul, Aristotle, DJ Daze (Josh Hollander), L-Fresh the Lion, Don Juan. Special thanks to Chris Mixx and Ian Davis 

also check out "Psykhomantus and Nu Dekades presents K.E.V. Only Built For Revolutionary N****'s on

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bruk Out: For The Love Of The Game. Nike+ Sport iMix

Psykhomantus- #Bruk Out: For The Love Of The Game. Nike + iMix

Welcome to my supa dupa work out mixtape entitle BRUK OUT (FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME) mixed by your favourite DJ's favourite DJ, PSYKHOMANTUS from the group A FEW GOOD MEN. This is no orderanary work out mixtape as you really need to have rhythm, and #I GOT RHYTHM. So to have rhythm like me, press play, turn up the volume then get into the music and start to #WORK hard by putting your back into it before shooting off those #LOOSE LIP. First build up that energy and show us that #FUTURE RAGE inside you and #WORK IT OUT as things do start to step up in the middle of this mixtape. By then you should be sweating weather your doing push ups, Sit ups, lunges or squats. Keep in time, #TAKE IT LOW and show your #PRIDE as you burn out your calories to my #DJ POWER which #TAKES OVER ME on the wheels of steel. Work out to then call me in 9 days.

I Got Rhythm- Soul Fuzion
Work (Boot)- Masters At Work
Loose Lips- Seiji feat Lyric L
Future Rage- DKD
Work It- Afronaught
Take It Low (Domu Remix)- Brok 'N English
Pride (Only Hurts)- Altered Native
DJ Power (Use It) Blacktonez Mix- NSM
Takes Over Me- Marc Mac

Download Link: