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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Joyful Sounds Of Heidi Vogal

Psykhomantus presents The Joyful Sounds Of Heidi Vogel featuring productions by One 51, T.Roy, Zero DB, Monodeluxe, Ray Jones, Danism, Liquid People, Anto Vitale, Son Of Scientist, likwid Biskit and Ananda Project.

Bring Me To Your Life
Little Better
Green Concrete 
A Pomba Girou
Coisa De Gringo
High In The Sky 
High In The Sky (Remix) 
In The Dark 
Just Let It Happen 
Don't Go Away 
Taxi Nights (Remix) 
Jammin' (Live)* 
Inner War 
Free Me 

For info on Heidi Vogel check

Her album "Lagrimas De Um Passaro (Tears Of A Bird)" on
Fly Like A Bird Records is out now.

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