Only adults are admitted. Nobody younger than 18 can hire or listen to Psykhomantus in the club or your speakers with this rating. The DJ under this category do not have limitation on the bad language that is used. Hard Beats are generally allowed, and strong Scratchin/Beat Juggling along with Body Tricks activity is also allowed. Scenes of strong real sex may be permitted if justified by a fly groupie.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Photos: One's & Two's

K-Lash nek-off
Mega Stress, Malik & DJ Psykhomantus

The Fake, The Biter and The Wack

As noted on the right side of this blog page I made it clear that that I will show you who I follow and not follow… and most important, whose wack. Well, as they say bad news travel faster than good news and people get a buzz when trouble starts but am not here to start trouble, I’m here to make a point.

As for those that do know me I take my music, culture and job seriously and one thing I really can’t take are fake ass suckers, biting ass n****’s and wack mutha F****’s and I came across all three this mouth. I will start off with the fake ass sucker. I do have my personal reason why this cat has to be called out but when I hear that everybody feels the same way about this dude I have to come out and say something. Birmingham (so called DJ) named DJ Mylz, known for doing the watered down Hip-Hop events called Heducation (or HEDZ, Yeah he looks like he gives head). My Beef with him was that he asked me if he could add my profiles to his Heducation form, which back then would help him set up or take his Heducation get on the stepladder to where he is now. Now that his Company has a place in Birmingham’s events/clubs, I never once got a thank you or invite to any of his gig’s or workshop and what really got me is when I use to do a Hip-Hop What’s On emails (Midland’s mailing list) he asked me to removed him from the mailing list. That was the only email I got from him since he asked me for my profiles. That to me was disrespectful. I seen his sorry ass at Birmingham’s Hare & Hound last year when Mikey D of Main Source was performing and he tried to explain his actions then turns round and falls back on to why I don’t feel him by saying he’ll put me on one of his nights. That hasn’t happen yet... On the real, don’t say nothing if you can’t stick to your words. No one has respect for this dude, Miss C Brown told me his gig’s are weak, Mega Stress (of MD7) tells me his events are just made for a hippy kinda crowd, DJ *** tells me he’s just plan wack and now that he’s got Serato it’s just made him wacker, Mr FX tells me he plays for himself and Mad Flow leaves no comment. Not that I want to get on his weak ass productions but the point that I’m making is that Birmingham was one of the cities that I lived in and made me make my Djing full time as I was surrounded by real DJ’s, this dude has weaken the town with his not only his PG style, but his wack ass promotions. On 23rd October, I booked to see KRS One at HMV Institute alone with Miss C Brown, Queen Rochelle and my partner Chantel. I was looking fwd to this event when I heard in some ways that DJ Mylz might have something to do with this as he was selling tickets, well! That’s what I was told. Going to see a living legend is one thing but hearing a fake ass DJ do the warm up that don’t do their homework is another thing and I was right. Soon as we walked in the place all I could hear was bullshit. Even my partner who doesn’t following hip-hop music as strong as I do turned round and made it clear that he has no atmosphere, mixing was awful and looks like a rat. I’m not even going to explain what a warm up DJ suppose to do but he killed the mood, When KRS One did step on stage (After Kenny Parker set up his turntables) he didn’t even look or thanked DJ Mylz, why! Because he was wack and at the end of the gig I do remember KRS One saying let’s ended this event by hearing only the Classics from the 90’s, what doe’s DJ Mylz do, puts Witness (1 Hope) by Roots Manuva. Get the fuck outta here DJ Mylz. You’re a fake ass wannabe DJ with no skills that will always be, not just mine, but everybodys wacklist. DJ Cro told me you did a weak Guru tribute and on your flyer you put MC Guru. Guru never ever had MC in front of his name stupid. Phunk, you need to take a rest, from now on you will hear a lot from me.

As for the Biter, well! It never seems to amaze me. Miss C Brown would not want me to mention your name but for a dude that acted like a fool and felt he got dissed by a woman and tried to come back by biting our event One’s & Two’s by calling it some wack shit with a wack ass flyer, Damme! You must have taken it bad. There is only one open deck night in Birmingham and that’s ours. One’s & Two’s. Didn’t see you at the last one where we featured Klashnekoff and Mailk of MD7. Full house. It was milla time for us you Biting ass n****. And last but not lest. I’ll take it easy on this one, the Wack Mutha F**** named Yeshua from London. Stop selling those wack ass mixtape dog. So wack you ain’t worth dissing. Go work at Asda or something and don’t come to the Midlands again. Please!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Clip Of Psykhomantus @ One's & Two's

Here's me at the very first Open Deck Night One's & Two's a few mouths back in Birmingaham

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Turkey Cafe's Halloween Fancy Dress Party

Yep! we going crazy with this years Halloween party at Turkey Cafe, A fancy dress party with a twist. Based on Rodriguez/Taraantino Grindhouse, we're going horrorcore. Classic tracks played by Psykhomantus with classic horror and 70's explotatition trailers playing all night.

Oct 30 2010
The Turkey Cafe
Free Enrty

Friday, 1 October 2010

One's & Two's @ Hare & Hound B'Ham

Our biggest yet, Ones & Twos features one of UK's finest MC's, Klashnekoff

Coming to the Hare & Hounds on Thursday 14th October, Ones & Twos is proud to present Klashnekoff doing an exclusive set. He has had a major impact on the UK Hip Hop scene and has inspired many other UK rappers. If you love Hip Hop then you need to be here - if you love UK Hip Hop then you need to be here - if you know about Klashnekoff you need to be here! And if you dont know? You need to be here!

Also featuring on the night, Birmingham's own talent; Sykes and Tusche de Costa. Sykes is an amazing artist, emcee and performer and Tusche has been putting in work from the UK to the US.

As always there is an open deck - first come first served, all sets must contain SOME UK Hip Hop. Yes we are taking it there!
Hosted By Psykhomantus, Miss C Brown & Maga Stress.

This is one for the diaries, see you there!


A heavy hitter on the scene, Klash takes us back to the sagas with his new album. Don't miss this exclusive set


An amazing emcee, artist and performer, Sykes graces the Ones & Twos stage. One of Birmingham's finest

Tusche de Costa

From UK to US, Tusche is putting in work. Representing Birmingham City, do not miss his exclusive set at Ones & Twos,

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