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Friday, 1 October 2010

One's & Two's @ Hare & Hound B'Ham

Our biggest yet, Ones & Twos features one of UK's finest MC's, Klashnekoff

Coming to the Hare & Hounds on Thursday 14th October, Ones & Twos is proud to present Klashnekoff doing an exclusive set. He has had a major impact on the UK Hip Hop scene and has inspired many other UK rappers. If you love Hip Hop then you need to be here - if you love UK Hip Hop then you need to be here - if you know about Klashnekoff you need to be here! And if you dont know? You need to be here!

Also featuring on the night, Birmingham's own talent; Sykes and Tusche de Costa. Sykes is an amazing artist, emcee and performer and Tusche has been putting in work from the UK to the US.

As always there is an open deck - first come first served, all sets must contain SOME UK Hip Hop. Yes we are taking it there!
Hosted By Psykhomantus, Miss C Brown & Maga Stress.

This is one for the diaries, see you there!


A heavy hitter on the scene, Klash takes us back to the sagas with his new album. Don't miss this exclusive set


An amazing emcee, artist and performer, Sykes graces the Ones & Twos stage. One of Birmingham's finest

Tusche de Costa

From UK to US, Tusche is putting in work. Representing Birmingham City, do not miss his exclusive set at Ones & Twos,

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