Only adults are admitted. Nobody younger than 18 can hire or listen to Psykhomantus in the club or your speakers with this rating. The DJ under this category do not have limitation on the bad language that is used. Hard Beats are generally allowed, and strong Scratchin/Beat Juggling along with Body Tricks activity is also allowed. Scenes of strong real sex may be permitted if justified by a fly groupie.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Psykhomantus on Itch FM

On Sunday 18th May I became a special guest for Mr. Dex on “The Dex Files” on check it out.

DJ Psykhomantus Set 1:

1. Happy DJ Tedsmooth Remix- Pharrell
2. Piece The The Puzzle feat Rasco- Crown
3. Familiar Names- AKD & Deepstar
4. Still- Amire
5. Blue Yankee Fitted- Skyzoo & Torae
6. Body The Beat- Verbal Kent
7. Betty Shabazz- Rapsody
8. Glory Days feat DJ 279- Union Blak
9. Jazz Under City Lights- Maurice Daniel
10. DirtyGnus Substance- FYI

DJ Psykhomantus Set 2:

1. Chemical Burn feat The Lady Of Rage- DJ Premier*
2. Hammertime- Redman
3. I Ain't No Joke feat DJ Supa & DJ Crisco- Vada
4. Spectacular- MC Melodee
5. 12 Step Program Commercial- People Under The Stairs
6. Charly Murphie- eMC
7. Yes Yes- Slum Village
8. Now That's Love feat Musiq Soulchild & Robert Glasper- Damanil Nkosi
9. Snake Charmer 3 feat AG, Kurious, Dave Dar- LUV NY
10. Edward Ziggahands feat DJ Psykhomantus- MadFlow*