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Friday, 26 June 2015

VisionBombing Season 3 | Episode 2

VB SEASON 3: EPISODE 2 from VisionBombing on Vimeo.

VisionBombing Season 3 | Episode 2
1. Theme
2. Intro- MadFlow*
3. ForestReal- God's'Illa
4. Street English- Union Blk
5. Pump Ya Brakes ft. Rapsody, Boog Brown & Stacy Epps- Diamond D
6. I'm All About Everything- Joker Starr
7. Skit- Isabella Red*
8. Ice Cold- The Know
9. P's & Q's- Mick Jenkins
10. Chillin'- King RA & Bunty Beats
11. Bring It feat The Lox- The Rapfest
12. Skit- MadFlow*
13. Sidewalk Show- Curren$y
14. The Monologue- eMC
15. Nobody's Safe ft. Jarren Benton & Madchild- Demrick & DJ Hoppa
16. Rice Tourture- The Four Owls
17. Skit- Oracy & Xidus Pain*
18. Mango Juice- Juga-Naut
19. Will Power- Venomous2000
20. Imma Smokah- Lord Digga
21. Copycat feat Fashawn- 20syl
22. Outro- MadFlow*
23. Fin- Watch The Sound: DJ Manwell
Hosted by MadFlow
Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex
*Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
Edited, graded and mastered by Shepard Manyika
Image Design by Glen Stone
VisionBombing 2015

Diggin' In The Crep's Mixtape

This mixtape was for an event called Diggin' In The Crep's Can't Stop Won't Stop (Nottingham's heavyweight Hip Hop promoters) The event was an afternoon of Hip Hop, Trainers & Vibes. Showcasing some of their young artists and providing a platform for trainer lovers. This event is inspiring for any young person interested in a career within the music industry and all the levels within it.
DJ sets was from DJ Fever, DJ Psykhomantus, Raf, Rick Smith, Snowy, Beatgeek & Garton. BBQ by Juga-Naut

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Instagram: @Psykhomantus

Electric Relaxation Vol 2

A special mix called called Electrix Relaxation Extra was premiered on on 22nd May 2015. It featured Electric Relaxation Vol 1 and Vol 2. Here is Vol 2 with a bonus track which was not on the radio show.
Twitter: @Psykhomantus
Instagram: @Psykhomantus

Dem Nah Ready 4 2000Black (A Tribute to 2000Black)

This is a tribute mixtape of Dego's label 2000Black. The joints on this mix are from various album's which you can buy from their Bandcamp page
Their are many killer tunes from this label which are not on their bandcamp page but it's a start for those that don't know and for you to find out.
Support Dego and check out his new album "The More Things Stay The Same"
Twitter: @Psykhomantus
Instagram: @Psykhomantus