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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bruk Out: For The Love Of The Game. Nike+ Sport iMix

Psykhomantus- #Bruk Out: For The Love Of The Game. Nike + iMix

Welcome to my supa dupa work out mixtape entitle BRUK OUT (FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME) mixed by your favourite DJ's favourite DJ, PSYKHOMANTUS from the group A FEW GOOD MEN. This is no orderanary work out mixtape as you really need to have rhythm, and #I GOT RHYTHM. So to have rhythm like me, press play, turn up the volume then get into the music and start to #WORK hard by putting your back into it before shooting off those #LOOSE LIP. First build up that energy and show us that #FUTURE RAGE inside you and #WORK IT OUT as things do start to step up in the middle of this mixtape. By then you should be sweating weather your doing push ups, Sit ups, lunges or squats. Keep in time, #TAKE IT LOW and show your #PRIDE as you burn out your calories to my #DJ POWER which #TAKES OVER ME on the wheels of steel. Work out to then call me in 9 days.

I Got Rhythm- Soul Fuzion
Work (Boot)- Masters At Work
Loose Lips- Seiji feat Lyric L
Future Rage- DKD
Work It- Afronaught
Take It Low (Domu Remix)- Brok 'N English
Pride (Only Hurts)- Altered Native
DJ Power (Use It) Blacktonez Mix- NSM
Takes Over Me- Marc Mac

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