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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Harangue The DJ

• The Track I'll Be Opening My Next DJ Set With: Eric B & Rakim Juice.
As it's the Yo! MTV Rap Remembrance it's only right to start it off with Eric B & Rakim as they where the first to have a video shown on Yo!

• The Track I Always Play To Rescue A Dance Floor: Wu-Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck. So as the beginning of this song comes on, people go nuts. I could just turn the volume down and the crowd will keep rapping the lyrics. That tune is a monster.

• The Track That Currently Gets Most Rewinds: A Tribe Called Quest Scenario feat Leaders Of The New School. Another monster classic and an Allstar posse cut. You can't let the record go when this is on, rewind is a most.

• The Track That's Been Unfairly Been Slept On This Year: Nas Nasty. Even so that Nas is blowing up right now, I think that Nasty should be bigger or just as big as The Don single. That's straight Hip Hop right there. It's needed.

• The Ideal Festival Track: Soho Hot. That's just good music right there. Killer tune that everybody has to dance to.

• The Best Track By My Favourite Artist: Clear Soul Forces Get No Better. My friend Mad Flow and introduce me to this group and it's like a recall of why I liked rap music. It's just fresh.

• The Track That Got Me Out Of Bed This Morning: Little Better featuring Heidi Vogel by T.Roy

• The Track That I'D Play At My Auntie's Wedding: Omar It's So. Ha! That's if I ever get ask to play but yeah! This is a floor filler, all age and a very joyful tune that my needles ever touched.

• The Track I'D Play At Sunset At Ibiza: Happy Soul (DJ Format Remix). Maybe I'll do my DMC routine as it's one of my favourite tracks to juggle and enjoyable to watch. Who said I was going to Ibiza by the way?

• The Track I Play To Show Off My Eclectic Taste: J Davie Everybody Touch It. This track took me to another would. It's just so amazing. I try and play it at every gig I do.

• The Track I Want Played At My Funeral: Robert Glasper Experiment Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat Ledis.  It's a nice tune to leave to.

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