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Sunday, 12 August 2012

It’s A Brazilika Ting

It’s A Brazilika Ting

Once again another weekend with pleasure came upon us. The sun finally showed us love on Saturday as us Brits know the summer has been really terrible in the UK. As us JA’s are feeling the Jamaican Olympics vibe, I wa
nna give a shout out to Soweto Kinch who was handing out his flyers in the afternoon of this fine sunny day for the Flyover Show (Which is on 18th Aug, next week) and freestyling outside of Waterstones which I, myself couldn’t help but join in by busting some off the top off ya head lyrics. Bwoy, it was fun as I’ve not done something like that since the late 90’s but that’s Hip Hop for ya, it’s all about having fun. But it was all about the evening of that day as myself, Son-Of Dan andMark Magoo Robertson was about to get busy for this thing called “It’s A Brazilika Ting”. Beening that it’s it 3rd event, this is the first as a trio where Magoo was handling the percussion, Son Of Dan on the MPC sampler and myself on Turntable’s. Nothing but niceness coming out of the speakers. Broken Beats, Funk, Electrionica, Soul, Reggie, Hip Hop with a twist of that Latin/Brazilian flavour. We went in. Doormen, bar staff and a bunch of nice people came down and enjoyed the ride. Like Ice Cube said, today was a good day.

Salute to…
Michael Brome, Looby, Mad Flow, Damian (Of King Of The Beats), Carrol BA Hons Mapp, Shaun Cope, Nene Taps,Tarmac Nomad, Bulls Head Moseley, Jonathan Morley, and all those I seen on that day. One….

Till next time.

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