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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Download: Juice Aleem "Wicked Scientist"

Soak up these Black Magic treats from the hidden vaults of the Wicked Scientist and prepare for moor incoming Shadowless Magnetic Voodoo

Shadowless Presents: Juice Aleem "Wicked Scientist" Mix CD. Mixed by Psykhomantus of A Few Good Men

1: Shadowless Ride Again (Prod Blackitude)

2: Neva Wan Dem (Prod Khan of Thaitainium Feat: Akil The MC & Hydro Phonics)

3: Wicked Scientist (prod Sir Tomz)

4: Electronic Music (prod Percy Filth Feat. Mad Flow) From the album Elbow Grease

5: No Birth Record (prod and Feat. Cipher Jewels)

6: Build it up (prod Part2ism)

7: (Back to) Dust (prod by Gabriel for CeaseFire Studios)

8: Higher Higher (Offshore RMX)

9: Style is free (prod Blackitude)

10: You shut the F*** up (Supreme Beard RMX by Elai Immortal & GreyBeard)

11: Kick Ass (Movie Theme) (prod The Qemists)

12: Change (prod by and Feat Sir Tomz for Jailhouse) From the album Lockdown

13: Give up the Fight (Sacrifice) (prod Part2ism) From the album Universally Dirty by New Flesh

14: Baby Fardah Dem (Prod & Feat Blackitude)

15: WonderWoman RMX (by Justice Hotep Feat Juice Aleem & Psykhomantus)

16: Don't fear the snakebite (Prod & Feat Elai Immortal)

17: Bombs Anthem, Kraddy RMX (Feat Creature, Seraphim, Mike Ladd)

18: Spot Dem (Prod Gabriel for CeaseFire Studios, Feat Blackitude)

19: Howz That! (Prod Part2ism) from the album Universally Dirty

Shadowless Presents: Juice Aleem "Wicked Scientist" Mix CD. Mixed by Psykhomantus of A Few Good Men

Mastered by Rob Blakeny
Executive Produced by Elai 'Wasif Sayyed' Immortal & Juice Aleem

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