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Sunday, 9 November 2014

On The Q&A Tip with... Dama Nilz

Psykhomantus: Welcome to VisionBombings Before we start this, just for the readers, can you tell us who you are, where you're from and what do you do?

Dama Nilz: I'm Dama Nilz, from Brooklyn NY... I'm a rapper, songwriter, singer, producer, director and audio geek. Also a freelance stage hand. Many hats but the one I wear the most is artist.

P: When did you get into this culture called Hip Hop and what made you take part of one of its elements (The Mic)

D: I got into hip hop when I was about 13... After going through a punk rock time period where I started a band, I started getting more into writing lyrics at about 16 and decided to take part in it full time when I realized that I'm better than average at about 17.

P: Your style is kinda like a girl gone wild but on the mic, meaning your out there, all fun, what you see is what you get and also witty with the word play. What inspires you to write your songs?

D: That's always a tough question because honestly I am just a vessel that some mysterious rap god (probably biggie) uses to lay songs down. When I hear a beat that gets me, the song writes itself I don't even feel present. A lot of it is not well thought out and freestyled like Casa Blanca. I used to think about my lyrics a lot more and I think that stifled the actual creativity.

P: Can you tell us about some of your music products and who you've worked with starting with your latest CD "Black Couch", to "Hell Bound, Heaven Sent" and "The Wrath Of Mother Nature"?

D: Black Couch is the love child of me and super-producer 4Dolo. Casa Blanca was the only song that was produced by Soze, who I can never NOT involve In a project. But from the very beginning, since I first fell in love with Trap and EDM , me and 4Dolo worked on every song start to finish and it was fun as hell. Count Bluntas was the engineer and a crucial part of why it sounds so crispy. "Get me there" features MichealAngelo and Charles Carter, two incredible singers, and rap verse features my Golden Goonz brother F-Dub (Tussie Bwa) and 4Dolo (Black Couch single) "Hell Bound Heaven Sent" was produced by myself and Soze and featured my childhood homie M-Geez... And "Wrath..." was mostly produced by Nick Jackelson from Staten Island, with some songs by Soze and Incite. That was when I was a baby rap goblin chewin other rappers faces off! Still am ...

P: Which other MC's do you rate in this game right now. Can you give us 5 MC's that your feeling in rap.

D: I'm lovin everything Young Thug droppin, Nicki Minaj always killin it, I truly believe she's the best rapper from NY on the charts right now, Your Old Droog is a dope lyricist... It's hard to name 5 cause I don't really listen to that much rap I like a lot of the hits but that's not a solid tell on whether or not I like the MC... I be listening to Elmore James one day and Future the next it's an eclectic mix.. But i love that Migos shit too (Momma!!)

P: You've performed off and on with ZEPS who is also from Brooklyn. How did you both meet?

D: We are both from the neighborhood (Brighton Beach) I used to chill with him on his moms terrace and freestyle he was the first person in the game to believe in me and push me to freestyle, first person to put me on shows and tours. I owe him 2 life debts.

P: Where outside of the U.S. have you performed?

D: Norway, the UK and Amsterdam.

P: If you could pick two other artists or groups to go on a super tour with you who would they be?

D: At this point a tour with Flatbush Zombies or ASAP mob would make sense, I was talkin to BKLYN Stickup about throwing together an indie tour, or something like Taylor Gang cause we can exchange all types of loud. And Wallpaper because honestly they All types of inspired me for Black Couch.

P: Dangerous Question (Yes I'm a trouble maker Lol): Is there an Rapper you feel that should just give it up?

D: All the Facebook rappers that hate on everything in the industry and can't let go of the 90's should give it up. And by "it" I mean life. Hang urself off a shower rod. And any rapper that tries to get fame through reAlity shows like Love and Hip Hop and instead of working on they craft they beefin for publicity. But they are probably gonna give it up anyway , any serious artist doesn't do that to themselves.

P: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

D: Future Dama says it will be World Dama Nation and all the DamaNators will rise to glory. Also the Work number video will be dropping next month, and the follow up album to Black Couch is dropping shortly after. Much love to You guys for this interview

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