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Sunday, 9 November 2014

On Tha Q&A Tip With ZEPS

Psykhomantus: Okay, so first question. Just for the readers to know who you are, can you tells us where your from and what you do for a living?

ZEPS: My name is ZEPS from Brooklyn, Puerto Rican MC born and raised in NYC. I am a highly skilled versatile rapper, event host, chef and all around fun guy.

P: When did you get into Emceeing, what was your age when you got the buzz and wanted to touch a Mic?

Z:16 in High School during the lunch breaks in the cafeteria, kids would do beats on the table and we would crowd around and spit rhymes. I did it for fun at first but then I just couldn't stop, I was hooked.

P: As I know your into your Boom Bap, what other music genres do you like?

Z: I listen to all genres to get inspiration. From weird swing bands like Squirrel Nut Zippers, indie rock like Blonde Redhead or classic NY shit like Billy Joel... good music is good music. And of course salsa like Pellin Rodriguez, I am a Boricua. :)

P: And what do you class as the golden era for Rap Music, Late 80's or early 90's?

Z: For me its def early to mid 90's... but because Big Pun would mention Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane a lot in his songs, it made me seek them out and research my hip-hop history. I was blown away at their syllable structure and rhymes schemes, in the late 80's nobody was rapping like them and Rakim.

P: Name 5 Emcee's that you rate and why?

Z: Redman: Skilled, raw and humorous... he gave me a window to look through and experience the grimy side of New Jersey

Big Pun: One of the greatest ever, because of him I learned about the next 2 MC's that I chose

Kool G Rap: One of the best story telling rappers of all time, G rap is what all "gangsta rappers" should aspire to be

Big Daddy Kane: Flow master, can ride the beat like no other while knocking your teeth in with sick rhymes. Smooth and rugged.

Starang Wondah (OGC): He was always my favorite out of the Boot Camp Click. I would listen to OGC's "Da Storm" and really study every one of his verses and delivery. One of my biggest inspirations as and MC growing up.

P: You've worked with Eturnal Suarez on both projects "The Spix" (episode one and episode two) How did that come about?

Z: I've been making music with Eturnal Suarez since 2007. When we made songs we would bring the best verses out of each other. The concept was simple: 2 crazy Puerto Ricans spitting gutter rhymes over raw beats. Thankfully we got amazing production from our team and some dope Scandinavian producers, with help from our super engineer and mastermind Count Bluntas of Golden Goonz Entertainment... we were ready to go.

P: I remember seeing a Pussy Juice sticker on Rob Swift's Instagram page, then seeing it again at the beginning of your music video for "THC (The Hipsters Came)". What made you come up with "Pussy Juice"?

Z: It's a promo sticker drawn by Lars K. Huse from Norway... I recorded an EDM song with electronic producers "The Products" and shot the video in Oslo 2012. I was promoting the song with stickers and the last 2 years they have spread worldwide... it's nice because lots of people stumble upon the music video and they love it. I reel them in with silly fun, then I hit em' with that raw boom bap! LOL

P: As you're no stranger to the UK, where else have you been?

Z: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and all over the US. The last 5 years I've been touring Norway heavy, the last 2 years my tour DJ and good friend Brown 13 has joined me and it's gotten even crazier. Boom Bap Across The Map!!!

P: Is there a performance that you've done and said to yourself that you could of done that better?

Z: Not performances, I'm very confident of my stage show... but a few freestyle contests and rap battles I've done, I think back and say "damn I should have said THIS". But instead of dwelling on it too much I just focus on coming back more sharp and stronger for the next challenge.

P: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

Z: A shitload of FREE music. My work ethic is ridiculous, I grew up in a working class home and I have that Brooklyn hustle. All I do is grind and I know nothing else. So I keep making good music and I give it to the fans for free. I know its quality stuff, and if I keep having fun and enjoy the ride then the urban legend of ZEPS will grow. I have 4 upcoming projects each with 1 producer on all the beats:

THE MOTTZ produced by Count Bluntas (Brooklyn)

SOUNDWAVE BLASTERS produced by Agonist (Norway)

DISGRUNTLED RAPPER produced by Clear Blue (New Jersey)

GOODBYE MR. NICE GUY produced by Soul Theory (Norway)

And I'll probably drop another free EP called "Not For Nothing" full of random tunes from different studios in August off the strength of 2 music videos I'm shooting this week. That will be a VisionBombing exclusive!!!

THE SPIX are: ZEPS & Eturnal Suarez

Track 10 off THE SPIX: Episode Two "Carajo Land"

This music video is featured in VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 3

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