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Sunday, 9 November 2014

On The Q&A Tip with Sir Williams (from Union Blk)

On The Q&A Tip with Sir Williams

Psykhomantus: Okay, first thing first. Can you introduce yourself, tell us where your from and what do you do?

Sir Williams: My name is Sir Williams, i'm a music producer specialising in HipHop & i'm from Birmingham UK

P: When did you get into producing?

SW: I started producing around 2005 - 2007, I did a simple 12 week course in midi from there I was hooked.

P: So what are your main tools when your making a beat. What do you use?

SW: My ears & mind is the real answer, but I suppose your looking for a typical answer?MPC, Mascine, FL studio, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Recycle, Ableton it depends on what approach i'm using & what i feel like using on the day. I wish could find one program that matches my work flow. ** laughs**

P: Most Hip Hop producers like to use the Akai MPC but Technology has advance and you can do it all off your computer. Do keep up with what's new or do you stick with the same methods your use too?

SW: Yes I am open to new software and methods that being said, I think it’s better to stick to one piece of equipment / Software and learn it inside out.

P: Name one classic song a producer made you wished you produced?

SW: It’s a very simple track….. but Rakim - The Saga Begins (Pete Rock produced) when 1st heard that track. Wow!!! that baseline……. & dem drums….. sheeeeesh!!!. I can hear the jamacian inflefuce in that beat maybe that's why i’m so attracted to it , I can almost do my one foot skank to it!

P: Is there a track that you've made and already put out and said to yourself that you could of done that better?

SW: Yes all of them. **laughs** i'm a perfectionist so I it comes with the territory. Mainly mixing issues.

P: Name 5 Rappers that you would like to produce a beat for?

SW: Phonte

P: Name 5 producers that you rate and why?

SW: Dj Premier - I like he's predictability, the way he chops his samples, his quantisation, he’s very neat - he’s a soulful machine.

Pete Rock - The soul, his creativity when using samples, he always seem to draw from other records (samples) to complete his beats, Something I’d like to do more of - i’m too lazy.

Teddy Riley - Chords Chords Chords I love those jazzy / gospel chords they always melt me, he’s a very intricate producer - he loves lots & lots of layers, his mixes are very sharp & again he's very neat.

Early Todd Edwards - again like Dj Premier, His predictability, I love his sampling technique (very rare & hard to replicate) love his melodies.

Jay Dee - The 1 of 1 - the ‘ The Why?' could go on for days. 5 is too short of a list - there’s plenty more a could list

P: Dangerous Question: Is there a producer you feel that should give it up.

SW: To be honest - i only listen to what i like, I don’t pay much attention to what others are doing, also producing is something you can get better at with time.

P: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

SW: Alot more music, top of the list my 1st focus is Union Blak's 2nd album (Street English) through Effiscienz records which is set to drop 1st qtr 2015. Big Record!!! it’s Soulful, it’s street, crafted beautifully, it’s a nostalgic adventure!!

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