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Sunday, 9 November 2014

On The Q&A Tip with PiKaHsSo

On The Q&A Tip with PiKaHsSo

Psykhomantus: Before we start this, Pikahsso! can you tell us where you're from and what do you do?

PiKaHsSo: Im from Planet Jebulon by way of Dallas, Texas and I’m a BrainPhunkalist, Emcee, Video Director, Porn Star, Graphic Designer, Sheep Herder, Professional Wrestler, Anthropologist, Traffic Cop, Custodial Engineer, Brain Surgeon, Magician, Astronaut, Golfer, Truck Driver, Grocery Bagger, Rapper, Lawyer, Actor, Cashier, Slacker, Life Coach, Dentist, Belly Dancer, Fashion Mogul, Cow Milker, Lead French Fry Cook At McDowels, Carpenter, Trash Man, Security Guard, Pool Boy, Writter, Preacher, Judge, Mechanic, Crash Test Dummy, Landscaper, Babysitter, Pilot, and Weirdo

Psykhomantus: When did you get into Hip Hop and what age did you first touch the mic?

PiKaHsSo: When my momma & my step daddy took me to Washington DC when i was about 14 or 15 something like that i can’t remember exactly i went to a Islamic convention where Imam Warith Deen Muhammad was speaking i ran into this guy who we just so happened to be of a kindred spirit he showed me a place in the convention where they had a mic in a lil room that would play into the entire arena where everyone was sitting after i started beatboxing on that and we seen it made a lot of noise that was the day The American Weirdo was in his embryonic stages and was begging to be born. This lil dude could beatbox and everything i can’t even think of his name my momma had took a picture of me & him but my lil sister drew all over it with a crayon and ripped it up. Now i think about it thats sad she destroyed history but she had cute lil cheeks at the time so i forgive my lil sister Hanifah she didn’t mean no harm.

Psykhomantus: Can you tell us about some of your music products and who you've worked with?

PiKaHsSo: Man I’ve been apart of a lot of products and probably haven’t made over 500 dollars off all of them but truthfully i don’t care when i die at least i will be leaving the world some avante garde hiphop that one day blow up hopefully anyway here is some of the products I’ve released in no particular order i don’t feel like trying to think of when all this stuff came out besides the people reading this probably don’t care noway. PPT Tres Monos In Love, PiKaHsSo For Dummies 1.0, Dysphunkshunal 1995, PiKaHsSo The Best Of Clayface Jones, PPT Denglish, AwkQuarius Angela Davis, PiKaHsSo Faleyuh, AwkQuarius Let’s Hit The Town, PiKaHsSo For Dummies 2.0, AwkQuarius Whackwordz, PiKaHsSo Microphone, PiKaHsSo Jebruary, PiKaHsSo Dallas Mavericks Got The Verb, PiKaHsSo The Amercian Wierdo PiXTAPE, PPT You Know It’s Valentines, PPT It’s Christmas Time, PPT Rowdy Loud & Proud Dallas Mavs Theme Song, and so much more that i dont’ feel like typing it.

Ive worked with Poindexter aka Delon Crawford, Gugu Of Redrumm Recordz, Picnictyme of Erykah Badu Cannabinoids & producer Of Devin The Dude & more, Kasino Brown, Big Tonio, Juicy, Exxxpo Of Audio Sound Records, Rob Viktum, Ty Macklin Producer on Erykah Badu’s Baduizm, Kerav Shimone producer of Money Waters, Black Tie Dynasty, Bianca Rochell, Soul Wonder, Gylo, Cho The Golden Child, E-Rock Gylo, Missy Burton, Sivion, Bavu Blakes, & S1 aka Symbolyc One producer of Kanye West Power Beyonce Strange Fruit Project Rhymefest, Kabaal, Kimbo, Glen Reynolds of Chomsky, Tahiti, Bilal aka Antonion Hunnington, D-Style, Mojoe, Big J of the Clever Monkeys and this random whino that hangs out in front of 7 Eleven by my apartment.

Psykhomantus: You've also re dub Bill Cosby's "Fat Albert" making it into a Hip Hop comedy and using a lot of J Dilla productions as background music. Who came up with that crazy idea?

PiKaHsSo: On the cool Tahiti came up with that idea after we was in this popular rap group down here in Dallas called PPT everyone started treating us like we had rabies or we was the old rappers in the plastic bubble, so we said hey man i can look at these dudes in they eyes and tell they think we are old washed up & done lets do something to trip the whole world out. So i took Leave iT To Beaver old episodes and redid it and Snuggles The Fabric Softner Bear and made it as vulgar, raw and offensive as i possibly could. Then Tahiti sends me Fat Albert Episode 0 Prince Fat Albert Where He had the Fat Albert Character talking with British faux English accents i was like man thats funny as hell then he send me Fat Albert Episode 1 Who Shot Mudfoot & it was raw, polarizing, offensive, avante garde, insane and dope i was like wow thats so damn ill. I thought it was doper than my silly Leave It To Beaver & Snuggles The Fabric Softner idea somehow my boy Bavu Blakes tells me about Twitter and that i should start a account to get it out to a lot of people so i start my @PiKaHsSo twitter account and i blast out that Fat Albert Who Shot Mudfoot Epidsode The One & Only Erykah Badu see’s it and starts talking about it then Questlove of The Roots sees its then it just got so damn crazy over night my God. Honestly i looked in my inbox and i had bout 300 to 400 followers on twitter over night and people was calling me talking like Fat Albert Laughing and stuff and asking me how did i get on I’m like i didn’t do that that Fat Albert N The Hood caused internet mayhem and its all because Bavu telling me to start a twitter, Erykah Badu talking bout and Questlove giving us a cosign saying we are giving the Boondox a lil competition. We had no idea that lil parody was gone do that to this day people come up to me quoting the lines and asking me about the J DiLLA Beats in the Backgrounds me & Tahiti are some Dilla Heads so we did that to pay homage to him. We even premiered The New Slum Village feat Marsha Ambrosia on one of The Episodes they had a manager named Scrap Dirty who turned them on to us & he had us saying man peep the new Slum Village i get bubbles in my stomach thinking of all the media attention we got from that silly stuff me & Tahit did just being dumb. And no Bill Cosby has not chin checked us yet everyone asks me that all the damn time.

Psykhomantus: What inspires you to write your rhymes?

PiKaHsSo: What inspires me to write rhymes Allah, Women, relationships, dope beats, my medulla oblongata, Sour Patch Kids, Grape Welches, Doritos, Fried Fish and My Momma Catherine Moore from Aberdeen Missippi i love her to death.

Psykhomantus: What do you class as the golden era for rap music. Late 80's or Early 90's?

PiKaHsSo: I think the late 80s up until about 95 is a golden era them moments in hiphop will never be able to be redun again it was so magical thinking about it puts a smile on my soul

Psykhomantus: Can you name 5 emcee's you rate and why?

PiKaHsSo: 1. Ras Kass so ill with his word play

2. Big Daddy Kane sick flow style and fashion sense

3. The D.O.C. one of the most influential emcees in hiphop ever and he’s from West Dallas, Texas

4. Pharaoh Monch this dude is not human the things he does with his voice is magical

5. Busta Rhyme is a beast a performer so damn skillful & entertaining as hell

Psykhomantus: Can you remember your favourite performance and is there a performance that you've done and said to yourself that you could of done that better?

PiKaHsSo: My favorite performance is performing in front all those people at a Dallas Mavericks game being on the Jumbo Tron and getting interviewed by legendary sports caster Chris Arnold in the middle of a stadium of thousands upon thousands of screaming fan. Truthfully i got to thank Mark Cuban for making all that happen i remember chilling with him at the radio station and coming down stairs after the interview with the city knowing my name. Kids new us we did interviews on all the news networks, was featured on our video getting played man thank u Mark Cuban & Paul Monore of The Dallas Mavericks. Alan Cohen Of for making that happen y’all changed my life & i will forever thank y’all for that.

Psykhomantus: Dangerous Question Is there an Rapper you feel that should just give it up?

PiKaHsSo: Dangerous Question hmmm honestly as crazy and zany as i may appear i hate to be cruel, mean, hurtful to someone or they dreams its not that im scared to say someones names its just that when i die i would hate to be like wow i said some hateful stuff they may make someone feel bad about they music. Yes its rappers out there who’s music i don’t like like its a lot of rappers who don’t like mines but to tell someone to give up just aint me because its something out there for everyone. To be honest some people have gotten mad at me because i think Drake is a dope rhyme spitter like its something wrong with thinking he can rap cause he can. But nobody should give up cause someone tells you to that makes me wanna do it more & i like to meet the person who can tell me i can’t

Psykhomantus: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

PiKaHsSo: Im the newest edition to this dope new independent label called ASR aka Audio Sound Records owned & operated by Big J Of The Clever Monkeys from Dallas, Texas by way of Houston Texas & super producer Exxxpo from Amsterdam i had just went thru a serious depression in September from something i choose to keep to myself one day on September 17th the same day i had a life changing negative event occur Big J Hits Me up the same day to be on the label its so crazy how God works im a very private guy so i been knowing bout this i just never mentioned this on Facebook but I’m giving y’all the scoop they are really behind me got me with the new ill recording equipment and working with one of the dopest producers I’ve heard in my life can’t say the name now but you’ll see. I let this cat out the bag the 1st single is called #CLAYFACE & it is nuts i hope everyone likes it.

Im still doing my Verbadelyck Records with my buddy my boy and best friend Marcellus Suber Of Timewarped Studios we bout to release all kinds of new crazy videos and visuals my latest should be out by November 4th 2014 called #FDFMN once you see it you will know what that Acronym stands for.

Im bout to redo my site / and make it more user friendly with more of my product, T Shirts & merchandise on sell from there.

Bout to get this ill promo vehicle won’t say the name of it because i don’t won’t people biting the idea but when its done i will be taking photos of it.

Man in closing thank u to everyone who supports me i most definitely appreciate it and thank u to the entire Visionbombing camp for showing me love on yalls video mix show & site i truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart straight up. Im bout to go to bed PiKy is sleepy

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