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Friday, 9 November 2012

CDR Archive Selection - East Midlands (2010)

CDR Archive Selection - East Midlands 1

Archive Selection - CDR East Midlands #1
Tracklisting: Artist - Title
Red Rack'Em - The One
Cardiac - TW
Christo - For Real
Clyde - Untitled
Alex G - Roobars
Hot Coins - Untitled
Jimi Oh - Del 2 Candy (Version 1)
Devon - Untitled

CDR Archive Selection - East Midlands 2

CDR East Midlands #2
Tracklisting: Title-Artist
Just A Dance- Devios
Something In Your Eyes feat Wreh-Asha- SDVH
A-L Music- Hannah Sharples
Untitled- Eddie Griffin
Fall Of The Brother- Jimi Oh
New Jazzo- Christo
Telra- Gentle D
I wan an 808- J Perkins
Swedish Blue- Clyde
I'm With You N****'s Instrumental- Psykhomantus

CDR Archive Selection - East Midlands 3

CDR East Midlands Podcast Part 3
Tracklisting: Artist-Title
Forget Me Not- Blackstar
Sexy Thing feat HWD- Psykhomantus
Diamond Girl- Premier Willams
Soul Flower- Deano Presto
Rider Of The Night- Runesilk
Inspire Me feat Kim Trusty- Ital Sounds
Feeling This- 80's Babies
MPHD Instrumental- Dirty Joe
Untitled- Offbeat Reperbates
Get Your Act Together (Remix)- Marcus James
Lost In You- Wreh-Asha
Untitled- Gabula
Wonder Woman- Justice

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