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Friday, 9 November 2012

Brother from Another Planet (Flying Lotus Edition) 2009

Brother from Another Planet (Flying Lotus Edition) 

I’ve been a flying Lotus fan for a long time and people who know me, knows I’m into that crazy space sound production. While everybody else is still nodding away to Dilla’s beat’s and sleeping on Madlib’s sound. I’ve been digging this guy since my main man Looby played me his “1983” EP back in 2006. I use to bump this in my friend S.I’s (from a group called HWD who I was producing and touring with at the time) car and he was like Who the fuck is this? Flying Lotus has to be the illest producer out here today and while his new album “Cosmogramma” is getting shine, I decided to play with some of his underground classic’s taken from “1983”, ‘Los Angeles”, ‘Cosmogramma” and a few remixes that Flying Lotus has done for others. If you enjoy those Electronica/Hip-Hop spaced out beats, then you will enjoy this limited podcast here.

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