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Saturday, 28 March 2015

VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 10

So the time has come to bring season 2 to a close. VisionBombing episode is now live online for you're viewing pleasure and for our season finale we bring you visual dopeness from Clear Soul Forces, Kenn Starr, CJ Fly & T'Nah Apex, Akua Naru, Juga-Naut and AKD & Deepstar. Plus special guest appearances by Cormega and K9.

 VB SEASON 2: EPISODE 10 from VisionBombing on Vimeo.

VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 10

1. Theme
2. Intro: MadFlow*
3. Kno The Sound - Sparkz
4. Heard - Akua Naru
5. Time TSO - Sonny Cheeba
6. BPSWR (BackPackerSubWooferRap)- Clear Soul Forces
7. Skit: K9 & Psykhomantus*
8. Dead Lives feat Cyclonious- AKD & Deepstar
9. Off Rip feat Termanology & Singapore Kane- Big Shug
10. House Of Ravens- Yugen Blakrok
11. The Statement feat Whispers- Chris Rivers
12. Skit: MadFlow*
13. Make Music - EdO G
14. Say Goodbye- Kenn Starr
15. Rips In The Paper - Malik B. & Mr. Green
16. Power Moves feat Raggo Zulu Rebel- Jonas McCloud
17. Skit: Cormega*
18. Go feat CJ Fly & T'Nah Apex- Chelsea Reject
19. Blicky feat Brittani Gravely- The Last American B-Boy
20. Apple Juice- Juga-Naut
21. Slick feat Ladybug Mecca- The Hue
22. Outro: MadFlow*
23. Fin: DJ Rob Swift
Hosted by MadFlow
Mixed by DJ Psykhomantus & Mr. Dex
*Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
Edited, graded and mastered by Shepard Manyika
VisionBombing 2015

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