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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Whose Wack and Dame Dash's Creative Control T.V.

My main man Kenny Dust step to me (like Tim Dog) and noted that i've not exposed the wack yet. This is true. As this is a busy time for most people I've been trying to get my head round things for 2010 by jumping on every project that comes my way (DJ gig's, theatre, radio, workshop projects, productions, ect, ect...) that I've not come across anything for me to leave a comment for those to call me a Hater. I could talk about Speech Debelle music but getting dropped by her record label Big Dada and getting dissed by James Corden says it all (See below). I could turn round and pull the race card as it was disrespectful what they did but Speech, come on home girl, what were you thinking. Your not one of them and i can turn round and say your not one of us. I mean come on, I read somewhere that she's going to make a come back with a new deal and working with rappers like Rodney P from London Posse. Please!! Rodney P ain't going to save you, you act like your trying to get your (Black) fans back but you didn't have any in the first place!

Anyway. On the lighter said of things, Kenny gave me the heads up about Dame Dash's project called Create Control. It's a online content label based upon fundamental idea of maintaining creative control over all content and production from programming to advertising.

Artists from music artists like Mos Def, The Cool Kids, Erykah Badu, super model Chanel Iman, and alot more.


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