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Thursday, 31 December 2009

And That's A Wrap for 09'.....


What more can i say.... 09 is just like the other years that has gone by and that is it's left us something to remember weather it's good or bad. As like everybody else we had our good day's and we had are bad days but we all must roll with the good and not dwell on the bad as we don't want to go there again. What we didn't get in 09, I hope all of you get in 2010. I did enjoy this year and enjoyed the people i met and worked with so as i sit here and work on my playlist for tonight's NYE gig @ Barristers (New York Jamz), i just wanna round off some of the best things I witness of 09'

I wish you all the best and make it happen what ever you want to do...

Shout out to my friends Kenny Dust, Alex, Bala, Busa, Candice, Cas-Pit, Dani, DJ Cro, Emma Smith, Errol, Fay, Heaney, Ivan aka GQ Smooth, J-Wiz, John Simmit, Kate, Tony Looby, Maga Stress, Mellow Baku, Merlin, my sisters Nat, Tash & Dee, my cus Greg & Steh, my uncle Stew and ant Sadie, Natty, Sonia and Fam, Phlex, Storm, Shetal, HWD, Vish, Soweto, Steve Hoo & Dave, Vish.

All the DJ's i booked under Musika Management...

Amji, Looby, Jonna (City Fly), Black Magic, Earl Dudley, Girls Can't DJ, Miss C Brown, DJ Roc 1, Gentle D, Tony Minvielle, D Crime, DJ Tim, Timmy Bongo, Beane, Beatamix, Turkey Beats.

Mikey Blue Eyes for taking us to Germany, Braunschweig to check the 20th Battle Of The Year. Peace to A.I, Jr, DJ Mongoose, Mink, Spanna and his brother george and the rest of the peeps who went. That was fun.

Sally from DMC. Without you and the team i would of not made it onto the Battle For UK Supremacy DVD. Thanks to the crew and all those that entered the battle. Special Guest, Disect, X-Rated, Rasp, Asian Hawk, Jappa, Furious P, Johnny 1 Move, Dr. Weevil, Sole One.
Also peace to Rob Swift. It was a blessing to of meet you and vibe out at the DMC World 25th ann.

Can't forget Tony and Gavin for hooking us midland DJ's for the CDR events. One love for that.

Best gig I DJed this year: Specials @ Plastic People

Best theatre I played in this year: Jonzi D's Productions The Surgery @ Soho

Best Fundraiser event: Grand Master Roc Radia 1975-2009 Official UK Benefit @ Vibe

Bast DJ Battle I Entered: DMC's Battle For UK Supremacy 2009

Best Live Act I've Seen: Masta Ace & Edo G

Best Album I Got: Shafiq Husayn "En'A-Free-Ka"

Best Song I Played: Sa-Ra Creative Partnership "Souls Brother"

Best Web Page: Ustream: Da Beatminerz Radio, De La Dugout and Scratchvision
(Props to Da beatminerz, De la Soul & DJ Scratch. You guy keep me up mad late).

Oh! I can't forget, most wack person of the year: Speech Debelle (Me and Kenny never heard so much bullshit in our life's)

Peace to all the acts that took part of the Oxjam in Leicester. That was a real good all dayer.

Gone but not forgotten...

R.I.P to Michael Jackson, you rocked our world just the same way James Brown did and shooked us all by your passing. Thank you for your music and just like my Thank You, James Brown gigs every may of the year, I will present in every July Thank You, Michael Jackson.

R.I.P to Baatin. Another fallen from the Slums of Village. T3 and Elzhi is holding it down for you. Your (Actin Normal) with Dilla now.

R.I.P to Grand Master Roc Radia. Wow! That was a big one for all us Hip-Hop DJ's. I based my whole style from you and now feel apart of me is gone. You was the only DJ to make it hard and knock muthafuckaz out on the turntables. Everybody wanted to be like Roc Raida in a DJ battle. You will be missed. Peace out to Vibe bar in London for holding down the tribute night and all the DJ's that came to show some love to the Grand Master. Tha En4cers, DJ 279, Big Ted, Prime Cuts, Boogie Bunch, DJ Inka, DJ Bad Medicine, Joel Ranks, Tiger Style, Dare Devil, Mat Man, The Steel Devils, Mr Eclipse, Switch also Ty for holding it down on the mic.

R.I.P to Mr. Magic. Damme! Radio DJ's must bow down to you as you was the first DJ in this world to mix on radio... Ever. No more music by the sucker.

R.I.P to Derek B. UK's only MC to ride with the big boys (Eric B & Rakim, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Ice T, Salt & Pepa) of rap of that time. You was a Bad Young Brother. UK Salute.

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