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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Birmingham's Miss C brown

Miss C Brown

My home girl Mizz C Brown (with her sexy ass) straight out of the Second City; Birmingham. A hip hop DJ since 2001, she started out on the underground pirate radio scene. Regular slots on well known underground stations Smooth FM, Hot 92, Midlands Underground, Flava and Sting FM, gave C the opportunity to get her name out and build up a reputation as a real hip hop DJ, favouring the underground movement as well as dabbling with the commercial.

A keen supporter of the UK scene, C has always supported for UK hip hop through her radio shows and most importantly the voices of the Second City. C has put on local events which gave artists the chance to have a platform to get their music heard. Birmingham Hip Hop has a unique sound that is very different from the music of London based artists. It represents the struggle, the love the hate and all the feelings in between. We have producers, emcees, rappers, promoters, DJ’s, all trying to push their art to a wider audience.

C pushes music through mixtapes, free downloads and live events. A passionate supporter of the hip hop culture and movement, she specialises in old skool and underground hip hop music. Miss C Brown is also a qualified teacher and is involved in the local community and delivers workshops to young people in schools, colleges and community organisations.

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