Only adults are admitted. Nobody younger than 18 can hire or listen to Psykhomantus in the club or your speakers with this rating. The DJ under this category do not have limitation on the bad language that is used. Hard Beats are generally allowed, and strong Scratchin/Beat Juggling along with Body Tricks activity is also allowed. Scenes of strong real sex may be permitted if justified by a fly groupie.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Royal Pain In The Ass

Can somebody Please tell me who listens to this b***h (Yeah! I said it). I mean, COME on. She's not with the times anymore but stills channel blocks the T.V. on X-Mas day. Yes! I am specking about the so called Queen. That racist human being starts off by saying 2009 was a hard year for all of us. For all of us.... for all of us... like she had some bill problems or something and had to deal with reality, come on man, who she think she's fooling like she can cook and the food went wrong. She talks about the death of people she don't know in her wack blue dress and one thing that i didn't forget, as soon as the program starts she didn't say Hello or thank you for joining me or even say merry christmas at the start of the program, i mean how rude is that. Seven minutes of bullshit even Eric B & Rakim's "Paid In Full" Seven Minutes Of Madness was worth listening to and gave us some hope. It was called joy. Rakim wrote his own lyrics, the Queen... oh am sorry, Her fakejesty's didn't and red those boring ass lines slow like a retard. Glad my mother said told the channel over. Stop fooling young people overseas to do the dirty work that the lazy brits can't do (the white ones). Damme! Don't get me started. She ain't Super Fly (coming like Fat Freddy came up short and had bitch problem) Am just saying, don't talk about christmas is a time to give, where she has never gave a damme thing to the community. Bitch please, you better stop frontin. At the end of her dry talk, she then wishes us a happy christmas then a steel band steps in and i know them niggas didn't get paid.

Work it out.

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