Only adults are admitted. Nobody younger than 18 can hire or listen to Psykhomantus in the club or your speakers with this rating. The DJ under this category do not have limitation on the bad language that is used. Hard Beats are generally allowed, and strong Scratchin/Beat Juggling along with Body Tricks activity is also allowed. Scenes of strong real sex may be permitted if justified by a fly groupie.

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Wassup People. Back again with this month's season 4: Episode 32. This episode features new music videos by Aesop Rock, Dres Black Sheep, Crazy Dj Bazarro, Emma Fross, Gen Uchiha, Heavy Links, Lamarrie Essquire (Da Flyy Hooligan), J Dilla, Jace Abstract & Robin Da Landlord, Joell Ortiz, Pearl Gates, Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage, The Mouse Outfit, Torae, and Vezzena. Special appearance by Miss C Brown, Michael Brome and Marcus Joseph.

VISIONBOMBING SEASON 4 EPISODE 32 from VisionBombing on Vimeo.

1. Theme
2. Intro: Juga-Naut*
3. Last Man Standing- Joell Ortiz
4. I'm Just A Witness- Black Sheep Dres
5. The Ritual feat. Masta Ace & Ali De Leon- Pearl Gates
6. Rockstalgia- Jace Abstract & Robin Da Landlord
7. Skit- SureShot, Miss C Brown, Psykhomantus*
8. The Tear Up feat Scorzayzee- Heavy Links
9. What Chu Gone Do feat Illa Ghee, Napoleo- Crazy DJ Bazarro
10. Clap Sh*t Up feat Phonte- Torae
11. Sip A Little Bit Of Rum feat Sparkz & Fox- The Mouse Outfit
12. Skit: Juga-Naut*
13. The Sickness feat Nas- J Dilla
14. Hit The Deck- Vezzen
15. Lazy Eye Live from the Peculiarium- Aesop Rock
16. FLEM- A$AP Ferg
17. Skit: Marcus Joseph*
18. Plush feat Iron Braydz (Da Flyy Hooligan)- Ded Tediase
19. Critical Criticism- Emma Fross
20. Xur- Gen Uchiha
21. KINGS- Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage
22. Outro- Juga-Naut*
23. Fin: Breakin' Convention: Painting The Graffiti Van
Hosted by Juga-Naut
Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Deejay Irie
*Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
Edited, graded and mastered by Gjiggy
Image designed by Yumi Sakaki
VisionBombing 2016

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