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Thursday, 19 September 2013

X-Ecution Of A Bum Rush (Best Of X-Ecutioners/Roc Raida Tribute)

Dedicated to the late DJ Grand Master Roc Raida. This is a mixtape i did a few years back. I had to put it up again as the Turntable world has lost a great DJ.
Why The X-Men {aka The X-Ecutiners)?
This turntablist crew is one of the baddest things that has happen for this DJ art form, culture, Hip-Hop, ect, ect. We all know our history on Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash, Theodore and DXT, but most people forget about Steve Dee. Without Steve Dee where would these (beat) juggle monsters have come from. Steve Dee took this artform to a higher level that I dear say had the whole world in his hands (I said it, Ha!).
Well I’m not here to give you a history lesson; you can go check that out for yourself on the Internet. I’ve been a DJ for almost 20 years but still a fan on the DJ/Turntablist culture. There’s nothing better than hearing how DJ’s restructure a record by scratching or beat juggling into something new. Hip-Hop DJ’s helped shape and form some of the equipment that we use today (you better ask somebody) and continuing still. As a teen I watched my Father bring in his turntables, set up his big wooded speakers in the living room and pull out his dub plates, so it was no question that I wanted to be like my Daddy. Now a full time job I still look back on what my hero’s did. I look back on what DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Cash Money has done in the late 80’s, loved what DJ Scratch and DJ Premier did on wax, enjoyed hearing my UK peers like DJ Pogo, Cut Master Swift and HiJack’s DJ Undercover & DJ Supreme to seeing The Invisibl Skratch Piklz and The X-Men take it to another level. I still go back to them Videos, Albums and DVD’s as I still learn something from it. But what amaze me the most is watching Mista Sinista, Roc Raida, Rob Swift & Total Eclipse. Weather group or solo they had the world shook. They have style, flava and soul, there the real deal from their routine set to their studio recording albums (Yep! Even Rob Swift’s Ill Insanity got next). I didn’t put any of there solo stuff or featured Rappers because there work as a group is still outer this world. Remember, Rappers may be the most paid artists in the Hip-Hop culture but DJ’s make the world go round. Without us, them muthafuckaz wouldn’t be Shit.

Intro feat Tirple Treat (Apollo, Vinroc & Shortkut)
One Man Band
X-Ecution Scratch
Word Play
Old School Throwdown
Premier X-Ecution feat DJ Premier
5 Fingers Of Death (Ill Insanity) feat DJ Q-Bert
What Is A Scratch (Interlude)
Mad Flava
X-Ecutioners (Theme) Song feat Dan The Automator
The Countdown Pt 2
Space Invader
Scratch Live (Ill Insanity) feat Roc Raida
A Journey Into Sound feat Kenny Muhammed
Ill Bill
Break Ill
3 Boroughs
Choppin N***** Up
The Turntable Anthem
Feel The Bass
X-Ecution Of A Bum Rush feat Beat Junkies (Babu & J-Rocc)

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