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Sunday, 29 September 2013

VisionBombing Season 1 Episode 3

VB SEASON 1: EPISODE 3 from VisionBombing on Vimeo.

VisionBombing Episode 3 is out now featuring Black The Ripper & Harry Love, Capital Steez, De La Soul, Fresh Vetz & Dynasty, Homeboy Sandman, KRS 1, K9 & Blak Twang, LMNO & Kev Brown, Mystro, Reks, Nu Dekades, Rapsode, T-Weaponz Tony Touch, Thaione Davis, Uptown XO and 14KT mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr. Dex, hosted by MadFlow.

VISIONBOMBING (Season 1 Episode 3)

1. Theme
2. Skit: MadFlow*
3. Get Bizzy feat Dynasty- Fresh Vetz
4. Put Soul In It feat Tony Touch- T-Weaponz
5. The Molotov- Reks
6. Good Vibes- Uptown XO
7. Skit: Jonzi D & Soweto Kinch*
8. You Ain't Right- Mystro
9. Ya Know- LMNO & Kev Brown
10. Apex- Capital Steez 
11. Five & Ten- 14KT
12. Skit: MadFlow*
13. The Boppers- Thaione Davis
14. Get Away feat The Sprit Of Wu-Tang- De La Soul
15.  I.K.Y.A.B.W.A.I (I Know You Are But What Am I) feat Blak Twang- K9
16. Black Friday- Nu Dekades
17. Skit: Maseo (De La Soul)*
18. The Remedy- Black The Ripper & Harry Love
19. Non Fiction  ft. Raheem DeVaughn- Rapsode
20. Aztechnical- KRS One
21. Strange Planet- Homeboy Sandman
22. End Credits

Hosted by MadFlow
Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex
*Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed
Edited, graded and mastered by GJIGGY
Graphics by Glen Stone
VisionBombing 2013

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