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Monday, 2 September 2013

Corset Magazine presents Sensuality, Sexuality & The Erotic 2

Back in the mix on the audio tip. Returning back with another XXX mixtape for Corset Magazine. Sensuality, Sexuality & The Erotic 2 features Dufrayne, Eric Lau, J-Hoon, Moonchild, NUMBE:RA, Omar, Shigeto Tall Black Guys, Terrance Martin and Zo! Check it out...

1. 8 Miles To Mornart- Tall Black Guys
2. Closer- Eric Lau
3. Manmade- Zo!
4. Favourite Line- J Hoon
5. There I Go- NUMBE:RA
6. No Wrong, No Right- Terrance Martin
7. What U Really Needed- Shigeto 
8. The Tooch- Dufrayne
9. Be Free- Moonchild
10. There's Nothing Like This- Omar

CORSET is the go-to magazine for all things sexuality. 
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The Magazine debuted as a quarterly publication to eager fans ready for something more than Playboy or a dense academic sexuality journal. CORSET has quickly risen to become more than just a media platform for empowering, comfortable, and inspiring dialogue about sex. CORSET is the people’s desire for dialogue, manifested. It’s a seed in a growing movement and much needed mainstream shift in sexual consciousness.

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