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Monday, 17 September 2012

Nasography : This Is Nas 1991-2002

"XVII, 17th Letter and Audio Boutique Presents Nasography: This Is Nas 1991-2012"

Beging ask to do a mixtape of Nas leads to one thing, and that's to do it right. Nas is known to be one of the greastest MC to touch a Mic and as he's been in the rap game for 21 years I could only make this mixtape a travel of Nas's music from 1991 to 2012, from "Illmatic" to Life Is Good" It was fun putting it together and fun hearing it back and remembering where I was at the time when I first heard some of his past songs. It's all started with Main Source's "Live At The Babeque" featuring a young Nasty Nas in 1991 which was also my first year I started out as a DJ and my first record that I set it off with in a club. So hook this up to your Boom Box, Car Stereo, iPod or your computer and press play and enjoy the ride. 

Side 1:
WildStyle Intro*
Live At The Babeque ft Main Source 
Dead End- Japanese Hair Cast* 
Halftime ft Elzhi** 
Back To The Grill ft MC Serch 
Human Nature- Michael Jackson* 
It Ain't Hard To Tell 
The World Is Yours 
The World Is Yours (Tip's Mix) 
My World (Nas Salute) ft  Jay Electronica** 
Yearning For Your Love- The Gap Band* 
Life's A Bitch ft AZ 
One Love Ft Q-Tip
One Love (Remix) ft Sadat X
One On One 
If You Think It (You May As Well Do It)- The Emotions* 
Verbal Intercourse ft Raekwon & Ghostface Killah 
If I Ruled The World Ft Lauren Hill 
Street Dreams 
The Message 
PhoneTap Intro* 
Phone Tap ft The Firm & Dr. Dre 
One Plus One 
Escobar 97 
In Too Deep ft Nature 
Cantata Of New Life- John Rydgren* 
Nas Is Like 
Hate Me Now ft Puff Daddy 
(It's Not The Express) It's The JB's Monaurail- The JB's*  

Download Link:

Side 2: 
Got Ur Self A Gun 
One Mic 
Sugar Man- Rodziguez* 
You're The Man 
Made You Look 
Wild Dogs- Jim Capaldi* 
Stay Chisel feat Large Professor 
The Boss- James Brown* 
Get Down 
Impeach The President- Honey Dippers* 
I Can 
Bridging The Gap feat Olu Dara 
Stiletto- Billy Joel* 
Street Disciple (Original Version) 
Thief's Theme 
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida- Incredible Bango Band* 
Hip Hop Is Dead 
Get Up, Get Into It And Get Involved- James Brown* 
Where Are They Now 
Where Are They Now (80s Remix) feat MC Shan, Raheem (Furious Five), Doctor Ice (UTFO),
& Kangol (UTFO)
Yegelle Tezeta- Mulatu Astatke* 
As We Enter feat Damian Marley 
Dance The Kung Fu- Carl Douglas* 
Classic ft DJ Premier 
Let's Make It Last- Parliament* 
Ghetto Dreams feat Common 
Nasty A Queens Story 
Dance Inna New York- Super Cat* 
The Don Daughters Loco Motive feat Large Professor 

Download Link:

+ Movie Skit
 * Original Samples
 ** Recover

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