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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Psykhomantus presents Flyyzilla. Mixtape and Interview

It's amazing who you meet on the internet (when it works). God know's how we came across each other but it was between Face Book and Instagram. When we did meet each other (in the real world) it was at a club in Birmingham, I was too busy looking at some breasts and the next thing you know, little sweet Fyza was next to a big pair. I say no more. Anyway, We kept in contact by FaceBook and viewing our crazy photos on Instagram, later on as time went by I wanted to get back on my mixtape collaboration and get back to showing my homegrown friends skills and Fyza is one I wanted to push out. With productions by zed bias, George Eyo,  Byron the Aquarius, mark de Clive Lowe, Phil Asher and chalice, I had to go in. So people, enjoy this soulful mixtape of Fyza aka Flyyzilla.

Psykhomantus presents Flyyzilla

"Intro" by produced Psykhomantus
Contains a sample from the motion picture "Boomerang" 

"Complicated" produced by zed bias,  written by Fyza, leed and BVs Fyza 

"Keep On Pushin" produced by zed bias  written by Fyza, lead and BVs Fyza 

"One Night" produced by George Eyo and chalice written by Fyza lead and BVs. Fyza with additional BVs by chalice 

"One Night (Remix)" produced by Byron the Aquarius  additional vocals by Byron the Aquarius 

"Get It Together" produced by zed bias written by Fyza lead and BVs Fyza 

"Fly Away" produced by mark de Clive Lowe written by Fyza lead and BVs by Fyza 

"Take Me Away" produced by Phil Asher written by Fyza lead and BVs by Fyza 

"Skit" produced by Psykhomantus 

Contains a sample from the motion picture "Love Jones"

"Angel" produced by chalice written by Fyza lead and BVs Fyza additional vocals chalice 

"Fallin" produced by chalice written by Fyza lead and BVs Fyza additional vocals chalice 

"Loneliness" produced by zed bias written by Fyza lead and BVs Fyza 

"Chemistry" produced by chalice written by Fyza lead and BVs Fyza additional vocals chalice 

"Ride Or Die" produced by zed bias written by Fyza  and jesse givens featuring magestik legend  lead vocals and BVs excluding rap section Fyza 

"Look At What We're Done" produced by Phil Asher written by Fyza lead and BVs Fyza

Limited Download Link:

Bonus: Interview with Fyza

Psykhomantus: Okay, so first question. When did you know you have the gift to use your voice to become a singer?

Fyza: I knew from around 5 yrs old that I have a gift to sing and create melodies but I didn't take it serious till I hit 12/13. I taught myself how to sing by playing Michael jacksons 'off the wall' album on repeat and I learnt how to create harmonies by listening to both him and Stevie wonder. 

P: What gets you in the mood to write your songs?

F: I can write on the spot and often write when I get to the studio but I also love to write when I'm in love.., that feeling can bring out so many of your emotions.. A beautiful sunrise or sunset can provoke emotion and inspiration, a beautiful Beach or snow capped mountains..  I'm very effected by the elements and I love to draw from many things, I'm inspired by life, living.. 

P: Have you ever have anyone written songs for you?

F: yes, a long time ago!!! I had always written my own stuff and songs as early as 'poetical love' and "you belong to me" we're some of my first releases in the UK, all written by myself. In around 1998 I signed a deal and during my first studio session I pulled out my paper and pen to start writing and the producer just looked at me and said "the songs are written already, your going to sing these songs!!" And that's how it was for a long while..  I was frustrated as a songwriter during this time and I didn't feel good about most of the material.. It caused a lot of friction! I eventually came out of that deal and began working on my own stuff again after that. 

P: I remember reading one of your posts on FaceBook that you find it frustrating from where you are based to get studio time. Is it still like that now and how do you work round it?

F: yes!!! It's crazy that I have to travel across the UK or further to record!!!  It's frustrating because there's so many studios in Manchester but people don't work together enough here. It's very segregated in that way, sad but true. Ill have my own studio this year hopefully. 

P: You've seem to have worked with a few producers, can you name the ones that you have worked with?

F: so many!!!  Zed bias, mark de Clive Lowe, Phil Asher, DJ spinna, DJ Kawasaki of Kyoto jazz massive, the black opera to name but few. 

P: So tell me which 5 artist do you rate or look up too?

F: Michael Jackson, Stevie wonder, Dilla, Kam Moye aka supastition, Dwele.  There are so many more but you asked for only 5!!! Haha 

P: What are your views on X-Factor?

F:  I think it's a crock of shit! But that's just me!!' I think it's good for pop artists, if you have any substance at all as an artist, a show like that will strip it away! 

P: Is their a performance that you've done and said to yourself that you could of done that better?

F: I think that after every performance, I'm a perfectionist and I always want to improve as an artist. 

P: I enjoyed putting your mix tape "Psykhomantus presents Flyyzilla" together as your the second female to my Mixtape collaboration. How did you feel listening to your tracks back to back?

F: it was dope because I pretty much packed those tracks away!!! They seem like a million years ago but it was great hearing them again in the order you put them..  

P: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you? 

F: some hotness!!! I've spent most of the past 5/6 years writing for other artists so its finally nice to take some time out for me!!! I'm hoping to do some more stuff with the black opera and zed bias..  But I'm also gonna be knocking on jazzy jeffs door because we almost worked together a few years back and we couldn't manage to be in the same place at the same time so it never happened! I'd love to work with Pete rock and slum village!!  All I can say is expect my heart and soul cause I have a lot to say and share. 

Thank you for taking out the time to put my mix tape together. Much love. Xx

Check Fyza Here:
Twitter: @flyyzilla
Facebook: Fyza Maria Saleh 
Instagram: @flyyzilla

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