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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Business Class (Best Of EPMD)

EPMD: Business Class

Last mouth their was a documentary on Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith as the world knows them as the rap group EPMD. It was one of the most talked about document on the net as we wanted to hear some unsure things about the group, the break up, rumours about Erick Sermon gay rumours, label switch, the hook up with DJ Scratch, the Hit squad ect, ect, ect. It was a enjoyable document to watch the raise of EPMD as it brought back some memory's when I first heard em (I Shot The Shirffee  was on a various artist cassette that you use to play on my boom box at school and the album Business As Usual was a gift from a late friend of mine) to playing their joints at some of my early gigs. Soon as I got some free time I went in by collecting some of the classic EPMD joints from their first album Strictly Business to Out Of Business (We Mean Business didn't make it as that's the only EPMD album that I am not furmilour with). Adding to my best of collections (Slum Village, Public Enemy, Nas, Mos Def) you'll find some of EPMDs best work added with a few original samples. I Enjoyed making this so I hope you enjoy what you hear as you reminisce where you first heard their classic joints on this Mixtape I call Business Class (Best Of EPMD).

Rampage Feat LL Cool J (No Sync Mix) 
Hot Music- Soho* 
I'm Mad (DJ Scratch Jazz Mix) 
Baby Here I Come- James Brown* 
The Big Payback 
So Whatcha Sayin'  
Brothers On My Jock feat Redman 
Nautilus- Bob James* 
Duck Down (Juggle)- Boogie Down Productions* 
Scratch Bring It Back (Part 2 Mic Doc) 
Headbanger feat K-Solo & Redman 
You Should Be Mine- Roger Troutman* 
More Bounce- Zapp*  
You Got To Chill 
K.I.M. Feat Redman & Keith Murray 
Symphony feat M.O.P., Redman, Method Man & Lady Luck 
Riding Hide- Faze*
Please Listen To My Demo 
Never Seen Before (No Sync Mix)
Person To Person- Average White Band* 
Richter Scale 
It's My Thing 
Strictly Business 
I Shot The Sheriff- Eric Clapton* 
Gold Digger 
Look At U feat EPMD- DJ Honda & PMD 
Da Joint 


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