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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Son-Of Dan Vol 2: Summer Of Dan

Son-Of Dan Vol 2: Summer Of Dan mixed by Psykhomantus Music featuring Gemma Weekes, Nkechi da Lyricl, Vanessa Freeman, Abdul Shyllon, Rich Blk, Ray Estaire, Oli, Dziko, Ray Louise Coyle, Breis, G.R.E.E.D.S., Joceyln Brown, Shiikane and SewKee Mmega.

Son Of Dan is well known as one half of the London based production crew Hungry Africans. Having produced music for many of London's underground hip-hop, soul, broken beat and soulful house artists, Son Of Dan has worked with everyone from Jocelyn Brown to Lyric L. Afrobeat features heavily in his soundscapes and its his Nigerian heritage that influences the underlying feel and energy of VL's unique sound.
Check out "Psykhomantus presents Son Of Dan Vol 2: Summer Of Dan" as Mantus takes you on a ride of S-O-D's gems.

Download Limited Time Only:

Intro/Angelic- Son Of Dan
Symbolic- Ray Estaire
Radio Us- Rich Blk feat Breis, Lyric L & G.R.E.E.D.S.
She'd Call (New Visionaries Remix)- Jocelyn Brown
Bamboo Day Chop (Son Of Dan Remix)- Shlikane
Power- Sewkee Mmega
Exorcism- Rich Blk
Ooh U & I- Lyric L feat Vanessa Freeman & Abdul Shyllon
The Ohm- Oli feat Dziko & Ray Louise Coyle
No Words Ray Estaire
Skit/Black Tunnel- Son Of Dan feat Dziko
Muriel's Closet- Son Of Dan
Come Around- Gemma Weekes

Check vol 1 here:

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