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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Only Built For Revolutionary N****'s Track Listing

Psykhomantus and Nu Dekades presents K.E.V. Only Built For Revolutionary N****'s featuring special guest RyanNicole


1. Message from Omar Musa feat Kodak
2. Everything's Gotta Change Pt 1
3. Gosta Be
4. Take Control
5. Do That There (Nu Dekades)
6. Tick Tock
7. Hope Heaven Likes My Music
8. ERAgance (Nu Dekades)
9. Voice Outside the Box feat. Do Dat & Will Bracy
10. Skit
11. Good Times
12. Train of Thought (Nu Dekades)
13. Special Rap Report
14. It's On
15. Obstacles feat. Krystle Azul
16. Holdin It Down (Nu Dekades)
17. One Love (Nu Dekades)
18. Travelin feat. Siara Shawn
19. Revolution Napalm Clique Featuring K.E.V., Treat U Nice, Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., F.L.O., Unity, Chinaka Hodges
Everything's Gotta Change Pt 2

Out on 23rd July on and

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