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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hott Off The Press Tribute To Heavy D

On November 8th We Lost the Overweight Lover the Jamaica-born Big Belly Gorgon, Heavy D. Hip Hop is getting older and as we love to talk about our great heros from the late 80's early 90's, we losing some of the artist of that time that help shaped Hip Hop. Heavy D was one of them. Very sad news because Rap had many styles back in those days and now they are leaving us and no one is replacing or helping shape Hip Hop Like Heavy D, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Jam Master Jay, J Dilla, Roc Raida, Mr. Magic, and the many artists that we miss. Be that it may, Heavy D is now in a peaceful place along with his dancer Trouble T Roy who died in 1990 (the song T.O.R.Y (They Reminisce Over You) by Pete Rock & CL Smooth was dedicated to him). Myself, Deano Presto and my sisters boyfriend Camille Jamal dedicated a special mix on Hott Off The Press on Leicester's Demon FM. May Heavy D Rest In Peace.

Hott Off The Press Intro w/ Deano Presto, Camille Jamal & Psykhomantus
Here We Go (intro)
We Got Our Own Thing
Alright- Janet Jackson
Jam- Michael Jackson
Now That We Find Love- Third World
Now That We Find Love
Is It Good To You- Teddy Riley ft Tammy Lucas
Is It Good To You
Somebody For Me
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)- Hall & Oates
I'll Do Anything
Big Tyme
Don't Curse
Hott Off The Press Skit w/ Deano Presto, Camille Jamal & Psykhomantus
She Watch Channel Zero (Intro)- Public Enemy
You Can't See What I Can't See
A Buncha Niggaz
Fly Like An Eagle- Steve Miller Band
Who's The Man
Hott Off The Press Skit 2 w/ Deano Presto, Camille Jamal & Psykhomantus
Overweighter (Intro)
The Overweight Lovers In The House
Gyrzl They Love Me
Mr. Big Stuff (Remix)
Mr. Big Stuff- Jean Knight
Blue Funk
Nuttin But Love
Help Is On The Way- The Whatnats
Hott Off The Press Skit 3 w/ Deano Presto & Camille Jamal
Sex Wit You
Back To Life (Beat)- Soul II Soul
Big Daddy (Remix)
Black Coffee
Love Me Like This
Long Distance Girl
Hott Off The Press Outro w/ Deano Presto, Camille Jamal & Psykhomantus
We Write The Songs- Marley Marl ft Biz Markie & Heavy D

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