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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Free Download: Unseen Primal

"Unseen Primal (Psykhomantus Takeover Edition) Proper Hip-Hop In Brum"

After Miss C Brown's second "One's & Two's gig (20th May) which was held at the Bull's Head in Birmingham I was given a mixtape by one of Birmingham's finest Em Cee's. Just a basic CD, no professional artwork, just that ruff paper print black and white look so i knew i was going to hear some gully shit. Looking on the 21 track listing and names of the artist i pretty much knew what it was going to sound like. That same night i returned back to Leicester and put the CD down and forgot about it. Two month's later I came across it while working on some other mixtape's and getting my skills on the decks, I sat back put the CD into my mac and started skipping some of the tunes. Now 21 is a lot of music and i must say it was very all over the place. So while i was in the mood and I am a man that will support anything (as long as it's good, you heard), I picked out 10 from the 21 and made a mini mixed version of Unseen Primal. Why 10 out of 21 you asked, Well it's a long ass CD and some of the tracks I couldn't f**k with as I am a man that likes to mix and blend smooth, ya'nah mean.

Here are the 10 tunes I mixed up from the 21 unmixed CD

Dark Matters- M1 & Cyrusmalachi (Triple Darkness)
Professionals- Sonny Jim & kosyme
One Dark Knight- Shadowless
One Day Theme- Malik (MD7)
Sound Of Change- Reflex The Architect
Ghazilla (Forbidden Tongues Refix)- Brotherghazi
Head 2 Toe- Rukus
The Killers Tears- Juice Aleem
Reason For Resurrection- Clarity
Press Play On Em- Shakacentric

Unseen Primal (Psykhomantus Takeover) by musikamanagement

To hear the rest of the other's and support what you do like contact

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