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Monday, 19 April 2010

What's Next?

As April is coming to end, well! It's mid April but i am counting the days untill it hit's the 30th as that is my Birthday, it's time to get next. Early this month I supported Birmingham's Hip-Hop DJ Miss C Brown, as she held an event called "One's & Two's". It was on 8th April (held at The Bull's Head) and this event was an Open Deck night for Hip-Hop DJ's. Hosted by one of Birmingham's finest DJ's Justice while Miss C Brown control's the decks the event was on. The open deck was fully booked as soon as everybody stepped in, more DJ's wanted to get on but the later they came you missed out by trying to get on. While Miss C Brown was warming up the decks and Justice was keeping everybody warmed up, the DJ's that signed up was on stand by. First up on the Open Deck list was Dizzy & Sawhago who dropped a nice little early 90's set, then DJ Adapt who is known to be a House DJ but dropped some of the hardest set that night with some heavy, dirty bass, hardcore Hip-Hop. After DJ Adapt i stepped in by giving everybody an update of what's new and still hard hitting, i ended my set by doing my "Step Into A World" and "Simon Say's turntablism showcase. Mr Winters finished the open deck night as Mega Stress who was suppose to be last stepped out. Classic rap tracks was played all night and the DJ's that didn't get are asking when is the next session. You'll have to find that out by asking Miss C Brown, check Also check who filmed the MC's that was freestyling their ass off after the One's & Two's session.

The CDR boy's Tony and Gavin from Burntprogress have been busy with their CDR nights in London and took part of the Red Bull Music Academy which was in February and march. The CDR Eastmidlands DJ's are planning there next sessions for Leiceaster, Nottingham and Derby. You can find all info's at In the meantime you can check out the CDR Archive Seletion London mixed by yours truly.

CDR People- Soundspecies feat Foreign Beggers

Boiling & Shouting- Phill Craig

Green In The Colour Hope- Mr. Beatnick

Open My Heart-

A Free Soul- Simon S

Malarky- The Earlyman feat Killap

Brought to Live- Deborah Jordan

Fwoommp- Analog Jones

Golden Days- Randolph

Deeper- Novasoul

Radio Us- Rich Bik

Soul Glo- Fatima

Peace to my man Sl from HWD for doing that crazy interview about Legacy. Looking fwd to seeing that video. Peace to Vish, War (photo), my sister Nat Nat (photo), Owk and the filming crew. Also a big shout out to Rob Muirhead, Malik (MD7), Juice, and Tyrone Hyman. On that note, it's battle season as the DMC's is ready for battle, so as i have my head down working on new routines do check me on for updates on show's, downloads and crazy stuff. Peace!

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