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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mixtape: DJ Premier (Work Of Mart Edition) mixed by Psykhomantus

Well it's that time of the month again were i hit you up with another mixtape mixed by yours truly. I was supposed to hit you off with the first of six volumes of "Classic Materials (Original Samples Edition)" but it's still in the works so instead I pulled out one of my favorites mixtapes that i did back a few years ago while i still mix down "Classic Materials". "DJ Premier (Work Of Mart Edition)", I did this mixtape back in 2005 after 2004's "J-Dilla (Pay Jay Edition)" and Pete Rock (Soul Brother Edition)". After watching DJ Premier in Nottingham doing his things on the one's & two's and he just did the most craziest set of just his productions alone, i had to go home and pull out my 12'' of any rap record that had that Premo stamp on it then do work. As well as i enjoyed his set in Nottingham, I enjoyed recording this mixtape, this was what Hip-Hop was supposed to sound like hardcore, raw and uncut. Doing that mixtape made me the man of the year, all my friends copped a copy. Well! after all those years am happy to pull it out and feel that vibe, so people, I present to you... DJ Premier Work Of Mart part 1 and 2.



DJ Premier (Work Of Mart) Part 1:


Full Clip- Gang Starr

Platinum Plus- Big L

Nas Is Like- Nas

Mathematics- Mos Def

So Ghetto- Jay Z

Recognise- The Lox

Livin Proof- Group Home

Thick- D.I.T.C

The 6th Sense- Common

Invincible- CNN

Boom (Intro)

Boom- Royce 5’ 9’’

Voodoo Child (Remix)- Afu Ra

Unbelievable- The Notorious B.I.G

Kick In The Door- The Notorious B.I.G

A Part Of My Life- Freddy Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles

Ya Playin Y’Self- Jeru The Damaja

Clockwork- Dilated Peoples

Any Type Of Way- Big Daddy Kane

Poet Has Come- Blaq Poet

Hip Hop- Royce 5’9’’


The Wake Up Call- Smiley The Ghetto Child

The Ownerz- Gang Starr

The Lah- Freddy Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles

Glantz To This- NYG’s

Bloody Murder- The Marxmen/MOP

It’s All Real- Pitch Black

Premier’s Xecution- The X Ecutioners


DJ Premier (Work Of Mart) Part 2:

Intro 2

The Best Part- J Live

718- Jaz O

Half & Half- The Marxmen/MOP ft Gang Starr

Big Acts, Lil Acts (Remix)- Afu Ra ft Gza

Rock Star- Non Phfition

Golden Chyd- Ras Kass

Bridging The Gap- Black Eyed Peas


The Milita- Gang Starr ft Big Shug & Freddy Foxxx

It’s Been A Long Time- Rakim

Real Hip Hop- Das EFX

Next Level- Show & AG

Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers- Crooklyn Dodgers (Chubb Rock, OC & Jeru The Damaja)

Come Clean (Juggle)

You Know My Steez (Remix) Gang Starr ft The Lady Of Rage

Nice- Pitch Black ft Styles P

Game Over- Smooth B

Pop Shots- Ol Dirty Bastard

MC’s Act Like Don’t Know- KRS One

NY State Of Mind 03- Alisa Keys ft Nas & Rakim

10 Crack Commandments- The Notorious B.I.G

1, 2, Pass It- D&D All-stars ft Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, KRS One, Smif N Wessun & Jeru The Damaja


Take It Personal- Gang Starr

Just To Get A Rep- Gang Starr

Dwyck- Gang Starr ft Nice & Smooth

The Question Remains- Gang Starr

Mass Appeal- Gang Starr

Who's Gonna Take The Weight- Gang Starr

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