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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

So Whats Up Wit Psykhomantus?

Well! So what more can i say but March has been one hell of a busy month for me but it beats being at home doing nothing. Hmm... I wonder what that would be like? Anyway, as we move on to April (My birth month) I just wanna step back and say that March was ill. I joined Jonzi D's "The Surgery" for the second time, this time we took it on a mini tour from London to Manchester then liverpool. We also worked with three south african emcee's Hymphatic Thabs, Krook'd Warmonga & Gin I Grindith which was great. Not forgetting Maxwell (it was dope to work with you again) and Sarah Sayeed (Who i think is great), it was a good all round show and all the acts from there town (London, Manchester and Liverpool) that took part, it was good to see other talent, keep shining. "NIggaz said I lost my image, when I cut off my dreads But I'm the nicest nigga out duke, fuck what you said" Yep! My 3rd set of locks are off and ready for my forth set, so beware.. Lol! (Now back to the program). I also took part of "Malabu MISH MASH" hooked up by the Bruntprogress boys Tony Nwachukwu & Gavin Alexander (CDR London), It was fun but let me say it was very different. Lol! But to there was no better way to end March off was to support Kurtis Blow & Furious 5 in Birmingham, DAAMMMMEE! That was a ill ass show. That is a night to remember cause them cats were killing it on stage, never a dull moment. Wanna say peace to Mad Flow who was our host on the mic and loved the reunion of myself and E Double D. We've not DJed for years. Now back at home am working on a new Podcast for the CDR boys which will be ready by Friday. I usually put out a free mixtape mixed by me at the end of every month but have to push it back a little as i've not been at home for a month, the next free mixtape by me will be called "Classic Marterial". I'm planning on putting out six parts to "Classic Marterial" and that is going to be some straight up true DJ cutting up shit. You've been warned. In April, I'll be back gigging at my resident spots in Leicester "Tablist With Soul" @ Turkey Cafe and Barristers night, Miss C Brown has a new night called "One's & Two's" (April 8) which is a Hip-Hop Open Deck night in Birminghams Bulls Head, I'll be passing by to spin a little tune and Seweto Kinch "Fly Over Show" is coming soon. Apart from that It's just working on mixtapes, new routines and tricks, got the "Thank You, James Brown 2010" tour ready (more news on that) and still looking for Kenny Dust... Watch out for him, he's dangerous.

I told you, this man is Dangerous.

Roll on April.


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