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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Free Mixtape: J Dilla's Fan-Tas-Tic Soul Gettin Head Remixes Mixed by Psykhomantus


As This is the month that the world has lost Jay Dee/J Dilla back in 2006, his music still lives on. As the late producer has left so many beats behind, many rappers and singers still continue to use his beats for future release making them still sound fresh. DJ's still push tribute mixtapes of Dilla's work, promoters doing tribute nights and the fashion wold even got in as you can buy J Dilla Watches, Tee's, Hat's to foot wear. I, myself made three Dilla mixtapes. Pay Jay Edition (2004) which I did before he died, that was focus on his heavy hitters for groups like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Skillz, Phat Kat, Common to his crew Slum Village. After his passing I then did work on Just Rhymin With Dilla (J Dilla Edition) (2006), this was more aimed at his lyrical skills as an MC than a producer. J Dilla had rhymes for days and as a guest he even out shined the main artist on his own recording. My last tribute on Dilla and I most say my favorite mixtape of them all is J Dilla's Fan-Tas-Tic Soul Gettin Head Remixes. This to me was my way of really showing respect of the mans work and how deep and a fan of his many styles. I wanted to show his production skills but in a deferent way by using soul. Neo soul as most like to call it. Every DJ who was making J Dilla mixtapes just focus on the Hip-Hop side, no one ever put out a full mix of his productions for soul artistes like Cameo, Lucy Pearl, Dwele, Jamiroquai, Steve Spacek or even Macy Gray, so I went to work and put it out free on in 2007. I felt I've done my part and covered every thing that J-Dilla was about and that was beats rhymes and soul (for your life). Find it here (Click on the Picture) and enjoy, and see another side of Dilla.

Rest In Peace J Dilla.

Brazilian Groove- J Dilla
Without You (Jay Dee Remix)- Lucy Pearl
Black Capricorn Day (Unreleased)- Jamiroquai
People Make The World Go Round (J88 Remix)- Innerzone Orchestra
Bullshi*ttin (Remix)- N’Dea Devenport
Those Dreaming Eyes (Jay Dee Remix)- D’Angelo
Love Junkie (Jay Dee Remix)- DJ Cam ft Cameo
Let The Dollar Circulate- Steve Spacek
Think Twice- J Dilla
Obligetto (Jay Dee Remix)- Brother Jack McDuff
Dime Piece (Remix)- Dwele
Frantic (Dilla’s Remix)- Vivian Green
Got Till It’s Gone (Ummah’s Uptown Saturday Night Mix)- Janet Jackson
You Use To Love Me (Unreleased Ummah Remix)- Faith Evans
Whatever You Want (Remix)- N’Dea Devenport
Nothing But Love (Jay Dee Remix)- Toshi Kubota
Hate Or Love (Caffe Latte Remix)- LSK
Come Close (Remix Closer)- Common, Erykah Badu, Pharrell & Q-Tip
I Try (Jay Dee Remix)- Macy Gray
Didn’t Cha Know (Soulquarian Remix)- Erykah Badu

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