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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

DJ's Get No Credit In The Rap Game

It's seems to be a forgotten art of what a real Hip-Hop or Rap group what ever you want to called it in this day of age. Back in the early days of this art form a rapper would always have his DJ and would not perform without him or her. Rakim would have Eric B, Run DMC would have Jam Master Jay, Public Enemy would have Terminator X, Will Smith aka Fresh Prince would have DJ Jazzy Jeff, Salt & Pepa would have Spinderella, Guru has DJ Premier to form Gang Starr and EPMD would have DJ Scratch. Each of those artists or groups would give their DJ a time to shine on stage or on the album. Artist or groups weather their underground or big time megastars seem to just punk out and don't show love to what they grew up to and become. I know Jay Z has DJ Scratch on and off tour with him but really just has him as for props on stage, why don't Jay Z just say "Here nigger, just play my records and shut the fuck up. I know Kanye West stepped up to A-Trak and he's done a few cuts on his albums but still, give the DJ some credit and let the people know that this is what rap is all about. Props go out to Beastie Boys who let's their main man DJ Mix Master Mike set it off on the one's and two's and Dilated Peoples DJ Babu. Check out Pharoahe Monch Live @ Jazz Cafe below as he steps back and let's DJ Boogie Blind (of the X-Ecutioners) set it off.

For full show of Pharoahe Monch @ Jazz Cafe check

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