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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Better Than I've Ever Been

One thing that could never leave me is my love of being a battle DJ. The love of getting up in the morning and looking at my turntables, Headphones, mixer, speakers, records even my serato. Been tearing the clubs from 91 to working at DJ workshops in 2000 to entering my first DJ Battle at the DMC Heats in 02, that year was my first step into theatre which has charge my life, Thanks Kwesi Johnson, he gave me my first step to becoming a musical Director by just using two turntables and the rest was history. But i can't forget the up's and downs of being a full time Disc Jockey (Silly name, thank you Babu of the Beat Junkies, the name turntablist sounds much better and coming from our own people means alot more). I've been used, robbed and seen how people that i helped made a name for themself by using me as their mule. Well! i learned the hard way but it made me stronger. It also made me more wiser, made me network with people that had the same dream without selling out and that is one thing that i can't stand is a sell out. But we won't go there. Lol! 2004 is the year i will remember the most as i was the hardest working man in my town with three DJ workshops on the go, working part time at a recored store and co running a Hip-Hop event called Hiphopertion, it was a dream for an up and coming DJ untill this year 09. This time round i promote three night clubs, still dabble in and out in theatre and got to work with one of the greatest Hip-Hop artist Jonzi D, produced, part time DJ workshops and still compose turntablism routines (This time for the DMC Battle For Uk Supremacy). I always remind myself that this is something that i wanted to do as a young boy looking into the future. If only my late friend Steve Antonio (1975-2006) could see me now because with out him, i know i would not be the man that i am today. I never got to win the Battle For Uk Supremacy this year but glad that i won my battle to the quarter finals and now the world can view me on the DVD when it comes out. I'm happy that my work is 90% Music and still arming to that 100%. I feel better than i've ever been and know that it still can get better. I dedicate my skills to Steve Antonio who was my best friend and also a brother that i never had, our dream was about music. R.I.P my brother, below is a snip of me battling Jappa at the DMC Battle For UK Supremacy at the O2 Academy, Islington, London on 9th July. I know this would of been his favorite of one my battle set.

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