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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The VisionBombing Radio Show 24/03/16 (Phife Dawg Tribute)

We dedicate this show to Phife Dawg (who just passed on 22nd March 2016) from A Tribe Called Quest. We go from Tribes "Can I Kick It", "Scenario", "Check The Rhyme" "Jazz ( We've Got), "Award Tour", "Electric Relaxation" to Phife's solo work "Flawless" prod by Hi-Tek, "Bend Ova" prod by Jay Dee/J Dilla to the songs he was featured on, "La Schmoove" by Fu-Schnikens, "Painz & Strife" by Diamond D, "Let The Horns Blow" by Chi-Ali and much more. 100% Pay Dues tribute style.
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