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Saturday, 21 November 2015

VisionBombing Season 3 Episode 7 (Hip Hop History Month Edition)


VisionBombing Season 3 Episode 7

(Hip Hop History Month Edition)

1. Theme
 2. Intro- MadFlow*
3. Every Ghetto feat Rapsody- Talib Kweli X 9th Wonder
4. Jason feat Swizz Beatz- Jadakiss
5. Confess- Fashawn
6. Breakfast At Banksy's- SEMI HENDRIX (Rass Kass & Jack Splash)
7. Skit- Mr. Dex*
8. Brain Cells- Villain Park
9. Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby- Hoozay
10. Rise Up feat Skyzoo- OCKZ
11. Ski Mask feat Rapsody- Bad Lucc
12. Skit- MadFlow*
13. New Train Ole Route- Large Pro
14. Young Jesus feat Big Lendo- Logic
15. Don't Smoke The K2- Denmark Vessey
16. Free N***a- Logic & Amy True
17. Skit- DJ Psykhomantus*
18. Bengal- Shirt
19. Barzini feat Sean Price & Rim P of Da Villins- DJ Hart
20. Dopeman- Redman
21. Fine Line- God's Illa
22. Outro- MadFlow*
23. Fin: Crazy Raw feat DJ IQ, Richie Ruftone, & DJ Vazee- DJ QBert
Hosted by MadFlow
Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex
Edited, graded and mastered by MadFlow
Image Design by Glen Stone
VisionBombing 2015

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