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Monday, 2 February 2015

Interview: On The Q&A Tip with OthaSoul

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Psykhomantus: Welcome to the Q&A tip. Before I hit you off with ten Question's. Can you tell us who is OthaSoul and where you are all from from?

Jungle: OthaSoul is the remedy. Queens Cresent originally but I reckon Dozer's from Mars. DMobbs, daym, probably some extra steller exoplanet.

Psykhomantus: As Sanaa Lathan would say in the movie "Brown Sugar", When did you fall in love with Hip Hop?

Dozer: Real late. I was a proper nerdy kid. Just kicked ball and watched Wrestling. The only rap I listened to was Grime until my boy showed me Enter The Wu-Tang when I was 13. That’s like 2004-05!

Jungle: Man the first hip hop album I ever got given was Illmatic for my 10th birthday by my cuz, and I think the first one I bought was Quality by Kweli in the same year so that was when I really "fell in love". But because my mum always played it, I'd grown up with hip hop; De La Soul, Arrested Development, a bit of Tribe etc (as well as funk, jazz and soul) was always playing in the house.

Psykhomantus: What inspires you as a group to write your rhymes?

Dozer: To be honest, it’s incredibly different to writing as a solo artist. As much as I am inspired by the world around me, I have to bounce off what Jungle is thinking and feeling to create something meaningful. But in general, it’s a world of haves and have not’s and I tend to think about that before I start writing.

Jungle: I'm usually inspired by the music; for me that always comes first. But what's going on in the world, I read a lot, from newspapers and magazines to books, I guess that's what makes me really think.

Psykhomantus: Can you break it down to us and tell us who makes the beats for the group?

Dozer: All 3 of us. We have slightly different styles which is beneficial. Beats set the mood, so if I’m looking for some uplifting funky shit I’ll look through my Jungle VIP playlist. If I want some of that classic Dilla sounding smoothness I’ll check DMobbs. If I’m feeling like a moody little bitch I’ll wheel some of my own dark shit. We rarely do production features but when we do they’re only the best... (ShiftK3y, Tom Misch)

Psykhomantus: Can you tell us which one of your shows has been your favourite?

Jungle: Bestival last summer was sick. The atmosphere of a festival is a proper wave, not only was the actual set good but you get to chill with some of musicians that inspire you. James Blake is a propa cool bruda, and MNEK too. Anyway, the whole thing was a confirmation that we're doing something right.

Dozer: And of course VisionBombing!

Psykhomantus: Is there been a performance that you've done and said to yourself that you could of done that better?

Dozer: New Years Eve 2013/14. Had a bit too much Henny before the gig. Say no more.

Psykhomantus: Can you name one song you wish you written?

Dozer: I wish I had written ‘Nightbreed’ – Kyza, Klashnekoff & Jehst. That beat makes me shiver and the lyrics talk to my inner Londoner. I actually threw up immediately after listening to it once. Usually that would be a bad sign but I think it’s the biggest compliment my body could have paid it.

Psykhomantus: How long did it take to make the EP "Real Talks"?

Jungle: A hot summer in my mums kitchen, cooled down with Appleton and some E&J.

Psykhomantus: My favourite question (as i am known to be a trouble maker) Is there an Rapper you feel that should just put the mic down?

Dozer: I think 2 Chainz is wack, but as a person he makes me crease. That ‘Mean Tweets’ thing and the marijuana news debate with that lunatic woman had me rolling around on the floor n shit. So if he could drop the mic and jump on a TV show I’d be happy with that.

Psykhomantus: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

Jungle: A full length album early this year, and we're also making a push on our production side to be working with some big names so look out in the production credits.


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