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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Q&A With ThatKidNameDCee

Here we catch up with a old internet friend of mine that has has been keeping himself mad busy in the world of Skratching. I let the questions speak of this mans art...

Psykhomantus: Okay, so first question. Just for the readers to know who you are, can you tells us where your from and what you do for a living?

ThatKidNameDCee: I'm Thatkidnamedcee from Houston, Texas USA. I make a living in 2 ways. As a skratch artist & performer, and also several different "day job" type ventures I'm into.  

P: When did you get into DJing, what was yours age when you got the buzz and wanted to touch a turntable?

T: I wouldn't even go as far as to call myself a dj. I don't mix at clubs or whatnot. I'm strictly as skratch artist. In 1982 I heard "Buffalo Gals" by Malcolm McClaren. I was infatuated by the skratching in the song & immediately picked it up. Skratchin since 1982!  

P: Now we met via twitter a few years back I was tweeting classic Hip Hop albums and you joined in. What's do you class as the golden era for Rap music. Late 80s or Early 90s?

T: For me, 1982-1994 is the Golden Era! Man I miss that greatness…. 

P: And what do you class as the golden era for Turntablism?

T: Late 90s.... Xmen, ISP, BeatJunkies, Allies, etc….

P: Name 5 DJs that you rate and why?

T: Grand mixer DXT & Mixmaster Ice. Because I studied them so much to learn how to skratch. Joe Cooley was also a huge influence. Then Rob Swift, Dstyles & Qbert! They influenced my later more advanced skratch game. Oops that's 6! Lol 

P: You introduced me to your collective group SkratchLife, Who are the members of SkratchLife and how did you meet them?

T: Well YOU are one of em! Along with DocJeezy, DJ Needlz, DJ Dexxx & me. We all met online. We all respect this art in similar ways. One day hopefully we'll finally record an EP or something! 

P: How did you get in the Guinness Book Of Records, what's the story behind that?

T: It's not finished yet, but my man Hannibal Flynt had an idea to do the largest posse skratch track ever recorded. I won't give all the juicy details yet, but it's gonna be so dope when finished & will be in the Guiness book! 

P: Is there a performance that you've done and said to yourself that you could of done that better?

T: The first battle I was ever in. Late 80s. I was a bit nervous & had some needle skippage....but hey, it was my first battle... I lost lol!

P: And your take with DJ technology, what's your thoughts on that and what do you prefer to use?

T: It's cool as long as it's not a crutch. I don't have any DVS stuff or anything though. I rep with a mixer, turntable (or QFO) and a grip of vinyl. I don't hate on technology, but I love doing things my way!

P: Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you? 

T: New skratch projects dropping soon! Plus my 2nd skratch break vinyl. And the Guiness book track. But for now, cop my album from 2010 (below)
Peace to all who support me & thank you for interviewing me!! For all updates on me, follow me on twitter (@thatkidnamedcee) 
Much love!!

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