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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Q & A with MadFlow (VisionBombing)

Now that you got to know about Mr. Dex (last blog), Here's another member from the VisionBombing team, Madflow. I've known this brother for a long time now and happy to say that I'm a good friend of his, We can talk about Hip Hop all day and everyday, nothing goes past this brothers eyes. He's worked with a lot of Hip Hop artists, a former member of Substance and one of the reasons Birmingham city had great Hip Hop shows in the late 90's to mid 00's (and thats the truth, Ruth). Last year he dropped the underground mixtape The Abdominal Flowman (mixed by yours truly) and still do a few shows overseas. Now he's the host on the internet new rap show VisionBombing. Here I ask 10 (clean) questions about Birmingham's Dutty rotten scoundrel.

Psykhomantus: Okay, so first question. When did you get into Hip Hop? 
MadFlow: My great great great great cousin was Kool Herc lol... Nah my older brother was into the early street sound records etc. As a kid his crates were the first I had access to I was pretty much hooked from there. 
P: Out of the four elements (of Hip Hop) you choice to proceed into rhyming as an MC. Which artist or artists gave you the jump off? 
M: Actually I wanted to be a DJ at first but couldn't afford the kit. I tried all the elements of Hiphop. Back then that was the natural progress.. I heard Ultramagnetic MC's & Kool G Rap etc and I was like damn I wanna be like these guys. To me there styles were next level and unique. 
P: Your also known for your beat boxing skills. Did you study Doug E Fresh and The Fat Boys to develop your style? 
M: I studied them all. Biz, Ready Rock, Greg Nice, Joc Box, Sipho, Sefton etc.. It was the way forward.. And a local dude called Chase he was ill.. Oh can't forget Darren Deer and Doc. Later I got cool with Killa Kela we battled and then became friends and did tours etc together. We were the beginning of UK's new school beatboxers pre YouTube! 
P: You was sign to some labels here, how did you get hooked up with them and how comes your stuff never got out? 
M: Juice Aleem introduced me to Will Ashon ( Big Dada ) he had heard my freestyles etc.. This lead to me being featured on a track Called "Triple Intruder" with Juice Aleem & Part-2. I only signed as a non exclusive artist. I was terrified of label politics I didn't really trust anyone lol I still don't.. I was happy doing the live shows getting a deal wasn't my main focus. My early works came out on Big Dada and I did a freestyle joint for Son Records. My group projects never saw daylight..
P: So how did it feel listening to the Mixtape "Psykhomantus presents Madflow: The Abominable Flowman" back to back? 
M: It was cool hearing myself in the mix I was thankful that I finally had a full project out. I lost my pops when I started recording so it almost never happened.. My original plan was to only do a four track ep.. but once you start recording you get the bug lol
P: Who are the producers on the Mixtape and where are they from? 
M: The main producer was an up and coming dude from Germany "Prickly Pear" he had links with Soulspazm and Grand Agent. He did 90% of the production. Then there was Myke Forte, DJ Hell Rza both talented producers from Birmingham. And last but not least S.2 from Australia. 
P: You've also made a few music videos from the Mixtape. How many videos have you done from The Abominable Flowman" Mixtape? 
M: I've just had a new video done for "Kickaholic" By my man G @gstylesmedia. I've also done vids for ( give it to ya, for the love, panic!, t.w.o.p & t.w.o.p remix ) there are also unfinished vids for ( the hustle, play my sh*t & take it back ) my idea was to have a vid for every track lol 
P: You've hosted a lot of Hip Hip artists from around the world. Can you name a few of those artists? M: Hosting was one of my main jobs so I was fortunate enough to have hosted for loads of artist. I'll name a few: Slum village, de la soul, souls of mischief, Masta ace & Ed.og, Jeru, krs1, DJ Premier.. The list goes on... 
P: Your skills has made you travel around the world. Can you name a few places that you've been? 
M: Japan, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Holland etc...
P: Last Question. What will we be expecting in the future from you? M: The Abominable Flowman Returns! Etc.... 

Bonus: Here is the latest music video taken from the 2012 mixtape "Psykhomantus presents The Abominable Flowman"

Download Psykhomantus presents The Abominable Flowman here:

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